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This homepage was created purely because I wasn’t fond of the long list of blog posts extending downwards approaching infinity… that’s on Latest Posts now.

Hi guys. I’m Lala. I’m in uni which means I have exam periods so please excuse me for not doing anything productive during such trying times *sobs*. My hobbies include drawing, reading, reading, making my notes pretty and thus convincing myself that I have studied, making my site pretty and thus convincing myself that I am a hardworking translator, reading, listening to music, and so on. I like puns and riddles very very much so if you’ve got any hurl ’em at me. My favourite colour is green. My favourite animal is human. I hate the sensation of stepping on snails by accident at night after it rains. Music / novel / light novel / fanfiction / poetry / manga / TV show / artist / movie recommendations are always welcome~

List of Works

Happy reading!


What do you call the Naruto jutsu specifically for transforming into rocks?



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