TMWGD Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Lu Li was their spirit, yet Xie Jianwei was their faith!

Edited 25.2.19

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Imperial Capital Planet, Supreme Commander’s Estate:

Xie Jianwei: “This is the fourth time already.”

A man, clad in a black military suit, shoulders bearing a row of stars, with a handsome visage, and a faint smile carrying a hint of roguishness, gripped onto his waist with a swoop: “Let’s kiss once more.”

Done speaking, he bent down and kissed him without so much as a ‘by your leave’. This kiss wasn’t like the previous three, where he was sated with just a small sip out of the cup; rather, this kiss, charging past a wall of teeth, hooking onto the tip of his tongue – as if annihilating a thousand enemy troops, powerful yet passionate – was filled with a dense love, and a forceful desire to monopolise.

Xie Jianwei gave a muffled groan, and pushed down his recklessly wandering hands: “Lu, Lu Li.”

The gentle shivering of his last syllable made the man’s movements heat up even more, and entangled his voice with sensuality: “…Just for a little while.”

Three hours later, Xie Jianwei looked at the wrinkle-filled military uniform, the chaotic mess on the surface of the desk, and the sofa with the self-cleaning function…

Just for a little while his ass.

But, he had coaxed him to leave at last.

In the afternoon there was an important military exercise on planet Fior. Even if the S.S. Marshal [1] was at maximum speed, it still took two hours if he wanted to get from the Imperial Capital Planet to the meeting place on time. Lu Li couldn’t not leave.

Xie Jianwei took a breath of respite, supporting himself whilst standing up – although he had an Empire-certified elite S-grade physique, he still couldn’t compare to Lu Li’s SSS-grade aberration.

After tumbling about for a few hours between the sheets, an immaculately dressed Lord Supreme Commander left for another galaxy, whilst Military Advisor Xie’s legs were so soft he couldn’t stand…One really shouldn’t compare oneself to other people. Comparing them made him want to lose it.

Having rested for a while, Xie Jianwei went to the bathroom and showered, and left the Supreme Commander’s estate after changing clothes.

The Imperial Capital Planet was currently situated in the height of summer; the midday sun dazzled the eyes, its radiance falling down like gold, bringing with it heat waves capable of baking the entire world.

Waiting outside the Supreme Commander’s Estate, Bai Yun felt that he had been sunned into human jerky. Luckily, however, a few minutes later, that slender and elegant silhouette finally appeared.

As early as the Federation Era, the Xie family’s third young master Xie Jianwei had already enjoyed fame across the entire galaxy.

Born into prestige, his father was the Speaker of Parliament, his mother was the Minister of Rites, and both his brothers held high official positions – whether it be the Xie family or his maternal Shen family, both were amongst the most illustrious pedigrees of the Galactic Federation.

From the moment that he was born, Xie Jianwei had on him the scrutiny of the masses, for he possessed the immensely rare SSS-class spiritual strength evaluation score.

This meant that he would come to develop unmatched intelligence and unparalleled skill in logical thinking, along with powerful leadership abilities.

Even more exaggeratedly, he also possessed an S-class physique; it could be said that he was a master of both the pen and the sword. [2]

And he didn’t disappoint – at the young age of seven, he displayed astounding talent, and at twelve he graduated the Imperial Capital’s best tertiary educational institution, entering the research institute within the same year, following Professor Yang in partaking in the research and development of the S.S. ‘War God’, two years later proposing the Theory of Reverse Control, solving the energy problem that had perplexed the Galactic Federation for decades…

At eighteen he became the youngest first tier academician in the history of the Galactic Federation.

At nineteen, his name was forever imprinted on the S.S. ‘War God’s left breast as its primary inventor.

Three years later the Galactic Federation disintegrated, invaded by alien races, and the galaxy’s people lived in dire straits – yet it was at that time that the shocking scandal broke out of Xie family’s collusion with alien races. Under the rage of the people, this giant heavenly tree, the Xie family, came crashing down.

It was originally thought that Xie Jianwei would lie low and keep silent during this incident, but with another two years, an unidentified army suddenly and swiftly emerged as a new force from the distant galaxy 67865, sweeping away the villainous Hundred Limbs race, and, within a short six months, recovering the three galaxies that had fallen into enemy hands!

A year later, the name of the army’s leader, Lu Li, resounded through the entire galaxy!

God of War Lu Li, all-conquering and infallible!

And there, by the God of War’s side, stood eternally a youth as elegant as pine, as tranquil as bamboo – this was precisely the long-lost Xie family’s third young master – Xie Jianwei.

No one knew how Xie Jianwei met Lu Li, and even more so how they fell in love. However, everyone knew that it was them who saved all of humanity, who drove out the alien enemies – that it was they who had restored the Milky Way Galaxy!

Bai Yun did not meet Xie Jianwei’s eyes; he placed his legs together, and punctiliously performed a military salute to him.

Despite how Xie Jianwei had given up all power and position after the restoration of the Empire, choosing to remain inside the Supreme Commander’s estate as ‘the Supreme Commander’s lover’, Bai Yun would forever recall the Military Advisor Xie who, amidst innumerable battles, had analysed their situation in the war with perpetual calmness, leading them out from the encirclement of danger, bringing them infinite glory.

Lu Li was their spirit, yet Xie Jianwei was their faith!

So no matter what, regardless of their identity, upon seeing Xie Jianwei, they would always salute him.

Even though the only position higher than the General was the Supreme Commander, and there was only one Supreme Commander.

Xie Jianwei frowned: “Pay attention to your identity.”

Bai Yun replied: “Yes!”

Xie Jianwei swept across him with a gaze and didn’t say any more. Lifting his feet, he boarded the aircraft, expression sombre: “To the Backyard.”

The ‘Backyard’ was the backyard of the Empire’s research institute; this is a code word. The research institute itself was already an extremely discreet existence, and yet this backyard was even more secretive.

It was the core of the empire, the private territory of the Supreme Commander. The things researched here were without a doubt the most cutting-edge, yet not necessarily revealable to the public.

Naturally, Xie Jianwei knew of the existence of the Backyard. However, ever since the Empire’s founding, he had never set foot into the place. Even though Lu Li had invited him many times, even wanting to hand the whole research institute over to him, Xie Jianwei still refused the offers.

And yet now, he had purposefully sent away Lu Li, coming to this place alone.

If it had been someone else who had flown him here, they would probably be suspicious that he and Lu Li were at odds, that something big was going to happen.

But Bai Yun would never have misgivings over this – because this was Xie Jianwei, the faith of all of them, including of the Lord Supreme Commander.

Even though this was Xie Jianwei’s first time at the ‘Backyard’, there wasn’t a single sliver of unfamiliarity – after all, it was he who had drawn the design of the building. Even if he had never set foot into the place, the overall arrangement of the entire location was known to him off by heart.

All the researchers along the way were submissive and docile, quietly doing their own thing; no one would give him a second glance.

Xie Jianwei headed straight, passing through many security checks, directly entering the deepest place of the area.

Bai Yun had no authority to enter the last gate.

Xie Jianwei turned slightly, saying to Bai Yun: “You go out first.”

Bai Yun saluted to him: “Yes!”

Xie Jianwei stood alone in front of the tightly shut, large silver door. The security system gave him a whole body scan, and after correlating the DNA data, the door slowly opened.

Compared to the brightness of the outside, the inside was a mass of inky blackness. Yet Xie Jianwei didn’t mind at all, entering with long strides. Even though his demeanour didn’t change, his pupils rapidly contracted.

Following his entry, the interior suddenly brightened, and the youth busying himself in front of a machine raised his head, his expression growing stiff the moment he caught sight of him: “Your, your Excellency…”

The youth couldn’t speak, from stuttering too much, and Xie Jianwei’s gaze swept across him, his voice overcast: “Outrageous!” [3]

The youth almost kneeled down in fright: “We, we were just following orders…”

Xie Jianwei didn’t bother with him. With a layer of frost on his face, he lifted his gaze and looked upon the man submerged inside the cylindrical container in front.

The man had not a single thread of clothing on, with suave eyebrows [4] and starry eyes, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His naked body, flushed red, showcased an awe-inspiring feel of power – this was without question an exceedingly perfect body, one that Xie Jianwei was very familiar with.

After all, the two people had been sharing the same bed for a decade. Their familiarity with the other’s body might exceed their familiarity with their own.

This was Lu Li, and yet was not Lu Li.

Because this was just a clone.

A ‘Lu Li’ that Lu Li had created.

Xie Jianwei took a deep breath, removing his gaze to sweep across the circle of people in the laboratory.

They were all unfamiliar faces, and very young.

Cloning wasn’t some high-end skill; at 12 years old, Xie Jianwei could analyse this branch of biotechnology independently, so there was no need at all to hire professional experts in the area.

And yet this laboratory had been placed in the furthermost depths of the Backyard, receiving heavy-duty protection.

The reason? Only because the person being cloned was the leader of the army, the Supreme Commander, the hero of humanity, and his lover.

Xie Jianwei furrowed his brow, briefly flipping through the experimental records, his expression growing colder by the second.

As expected, it was like this.

Lu Li’s personality had started producing separate layers.

His memories no longer correlated, and the personalities’ sense of independence increased, and all of these Lu Lis desired their own individual bodies. 

Xie Jianwei left the Backyard, and after boarding Bai Yun’s aircraft, he pressed down a string of numbers.

A youth with charming features appeared on the screen: “My Lord!”

Xie Jianwei directly asked: “How are things progressing?”

The youth replied: “The Supreme Commander’s situation is a bit special, it isn’t spiritual splitting under normal conditions, I…”

Xie Jianwei interrupted his rambling: “Give me the plan within two hours.”

The youth blinked: “This…this…” He finally reacted. “Did anything happen?”

Xie Jianwei replied: “He’s already creating clones.”

Surprised, the youth said: “Lord Supreme Commander’s memories have separated?”

Xie Jianwei nodded, saying: “He should receive the news when he comes back in the evening. I want the results before then.”

The youth’s expression grew serious, and he prudently started: “It doesn’t need to be so rushed…even if he separates into different bodies, the Lord Supreme Commander…”

Xie Jianwei’s eyes, long and slender, narrowed: “I can accept anything he does, but I won’t allow him to hurt himself.’

Xie Jianwei knew perfectly clear what the separated personalities wanted, along with the hidden secret behind the clones.

Lu Li wanted to kill himself, wanted to kill his other selves.

Xie Jianwei will absolutely not allow any danger to fall upon Lu Li, even if the danger was of Lu Li’s own creation.

Hearing this, the youth’s visage became stern. He hesitated, but ultimately still opened his mouth: “There actually is a plan, it’s just that it’s not too developed…”

Xie Jianwei: “Speak.”

The youth spoke: “My Lord, you possess the extremely rare SSS-class spiritual force, theoretically, you’re capable of interfering with other people’s spiritual forces…” He paused, and then spoke in one breath, “I can create an imitation of a suitable magnetic field to allow your spiritual power to come into contact with that of the Supreme Commander’s. This way, you can directly face his different personalities, and find the location of the core of the fragmentation.”

• • •

The author has something to say: Can finally start running your hands strong big cold-feelings sharp intellectual ascetic male god Xie!

Translator also has something to say: I gave up on the author’s note ahahha

The raws: 终于开始撸强大冷静睿智禁欲的谢男神了!

And idk what 撸强 is supposed to mean or if it’s even a thing… so…um yeah also MORE NOTES DOWN THE BOTTOM

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[1] I wanted to translate 元帅 to Supreme Commander so badly here omg it sounds so much more lit than Marshal but S.S. Supreme Commander sounds so stupid so S. S. Marshal, it is. Also without 2-bit translations, I probs would’ve translated that (S.S. Marshal) to literally Supreme Commander Number so like shout out to them lol. I’m probs gonna switch between the two for now simply because one sounds cooler than the other at times. If anyone has any problems please speak (write a comment or whatever).

[2] 文武双全 – wen wu shuang quan – literally meaning ‘with (in possession of) both literature and martial arts’. Refers to a person capable of being both scholarly and athletic (physically capable).

[3] 胡闹 – hu nao – I have no idea how to translate this. 2-bit used ‘senseless’, I’m using ‘outrageous’, but like it sorta refers to him, the youth, being reckless, fooling around, being stupid (action wise), etc. Xie Jianwei is scolding the guy, saying that his actions are stupid, inane, not well thought out, etc. The same term is later on used as a colloquial for them f*cking, by the way. 😉

[4] Experienced readers may be more familiar with the translation ‘sword’ brows – 剑眉, Lol nope. Though that is literally what it says, it actually refers to, quoted from Pieco-the-Chinese-English-dictionary-app (my best friend): ‘straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards; dashing eyebrows’. I did consider translating it to ‘dashing eyebrows’ but frankly that sounds just as terrible as ‘sword’ brows, and it appears too frequently in the future, so like, you’d be reading ‘dashing eyebrows’ over and over again like this is a 50 Shades novel or something. NO. So suave it was.

LOOKING FOR AN EDITOR! Preferably fluent in English with knowledge on Chinese who knows what they’re doing cause I got no clue. But like if you don’t that’s okay too

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