TMWGD Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Lu Li toasted the newly-wed couple: “I wish you both happiness.”

Edited 25.2.19

• • •

Xie Jianwei, in a rare moment, hesitated.

Bai Yun, seated next to him, was dumbfounded by the sight. He had known Xie Jianwei for almost ten years, and even if he had been met with the most extreme problems, the man wouldn’t have the slightest pause.

He was always able to make the most accurate of judgements, give the most perfect of strategies, see through to the core of any problem, never erring.

And yet, at that moment, this man, whose speed of thought was faster than even that of light interfaces [1], was hesitating.

Because of Lu Li.

Truth to be told, there were a lot of people who doubted Xie Jianwei’s feelings for Lu Li.

Before the Empire was founded, the people who knew the reputation of the Xie family’s third young master reckoned that Xie Jianwei was using Lu Li.

After the Empire was founded, the people who didn’t know of the reputation of Xie family’s third young master, thought that he was the Supreme Commander’s male pet.

But they, the people who had been by their sides for over a decade, were very clear.

Clear on just how important Lu Li was in Xie Jianwei’s heart.

The youth on the screen was waiting for his reply. Xie Jianwei opened his mouth, and said: “9pm, come to the Supreme Commander’s Estate.”

The youth solemnly nodded his head: “Please feel at ease your Excellency, there definitely won’t be any danger.”

Xie Jianwei nodded his head, replying: “En.”

This time visiting planet Fior, Lu Li originally planned to stay there for two days. After all, it was an important location for frontier defence; he couldn’t just leave after watching the military exercise, he had to appease the stationed border guards, even better would be if he could increase his familiarity with the common folk. After all, after the Empire was formed, Lu Li took the path of being close to the people [2]. He didn’t confer himself as a king, taking only the position of ‘Supreme Commander’. This was also to give the masses who were used to the Federation’s ruling some time to get used to things.

But Xie Jianwei knew. Lu Li will absolutely make it back through the night.

Since the news of his visit to the backyard had already travelled to Lu Li’s place, how could Lu Li possibly stay still on planet Fior?

Almost as soon as Xie Jianwei got back to the Supreme Commander’s mansion, a jet black combat aircraft descended atop the helipad.

The powerful drag force swept up a hurricane. The cabin door opened wide, and a man in military uniform strode downwards – pitch black leather boots; slender legs; a cape on his back, billowed by the wind; his features under the rim of his hat elucidating the meaning of ‘beauty without peer’.

Xie Jianwei knew, since a long time ago, that Lu Li was very much suited to militaristic clothing. The sharper the cut was, the more immaculate the style, the more it was a suit that symbolised glory – the better it suited him.

This man should have been like that since his birth – even if he was born on that quagmire of a wasteland planet.

Lu Li’s tightly bunched forehead eased slightly upon seeing Xie Jianwei. He closed in with large strides, and grasped his hand after taking off his glove: “If you have any questions, just ask me directly.” [3]

His voice was a little hoarse because, for the sake of speed, he probably directly went into anti-space, not even entering the life-preserving chamber, substituting himself for the A.I. in piloting the flight command system. It was only by doing so, could he make it back in such a short time.

Xie Jianwei let him hold his hand: “Would you answer if I asked?”

Lu Li blanched, but very quickly lifted the corner of his mouth: “What is there to hide? Originally, I planned to surprise you.”

Xie Jianwei’s eyes flashed, and he raised his head, watching him: “Surprise?”

Lu Li shifted closer to him. His lips were slightly cold, but the breath they exhaled was scorching. He knew that Xie Jianwei was ticklish and so purposefully placed a kiss on his nape before ambiguously saying: “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to serve you well by myself, maybe a few more bodies would be a little more appealing…”

Xie Jianwei inclined his gaze towards him in askance: “You won’t get jealous?”

Lu Li visibly froze for a moment.

Xie Jianwei met his gaze, directly looking into his eyes: “If I made love to another Lu Li, could you accept that?”

Lu Li’s pupils shrunk violently, the playfulness within them retreating – smeared within was clearly possessiveness, dark and ruthless.

Xie Jianwei pressed a kiss to his lips: “You haven’t eaten dinner yet, right? Lets go…hnn…”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet, before Lu Li hauled him over, and kissed him viciously: “Not eating.”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Lu Li carried him, taking shortcuts to their bedroom, setting him on the bed. He lowered himself, pressing him down, his dark eyes seemingly containing burning flames: “…I’ll eat you first.”

Lu Li’s physique was good – he wouldn’t stop once he started; if Xie Jianwei let him do as he pleased, they’d toss around till he wouldn’t be able to leave the bed for days.

Which was why Xie Jianwei would make them stop once they’d gone far enough – after a while, Lu Li wouldn’t be allowed to mess around anymore.

But today Xie Jianwei never once called out for him to stop, even appearing somewhat to entice him on purpose.

Before today, Lord Supreme Commander already had a lot of energy. Now that Xie Jianwei was acting like this, how could his resist? He resented that he couldn’t fuck him to death [4] on the bed right then and there.

The numbers on the clock closed in on 21:00, and the drugs in Xie Jianwei’s nails took effect; finally, the Lord Supreme Commander, hit by these (t/n: metaphorical) bullets and caught off guard, was placed down by his lover.

Xie Jianwei’s fatigue wasn’t light – watching the fainted Lu Li, he couldn’t resist flicking his forehead: “Inhuman.”

Having said that, he thought of how, for a period of time, Lu Li truly wasn’t human…

The bottom of his eyes carried a trace of laughter as Xie Jianwei lowered himself, kissing Lu Li’s forehead, gently saying: “Sleep for a little while.”

He went and took a shower, and changed his clothes. Yan Ke had already arrived at the Supreme Commander’s Estate.

Xie Jianwei asked him: “Is there anything we need to be wary of?”

Yan Ke was, in fact. the youth who had been talking to Xie Jianwei on the screen of the aircraft. He was the Empire’s medical world’s leading authority, specialising in neuroscience. Despite his youthful appearance, in actuality, Xie Jianwei was younger than him by a whole decade.

Yan Ke said, carefully: “This is my first time experimenting…”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Yan Ke was indeed a little terrified of him, so he hurriedly promised: “There definitely won’t be any risk, but you’d still need to slowly fumble around to understand its ins and outs.”

Even if Xie Jianwei hadn’t dabbled in this area of specialisation much, he did possess SSS-class spiritual power, after all, so he understood quite a bit.

Yan Ke said again: “You can rest assured. You are definitely Lord Supreme Commander’s most important person, so even though he might not recognise you in his spiritual conscience world, he definitely won’t reject your presence…”

Xie Jianwei narrowed his eyes abruptly: “He won’t recognise me?”

“That might not be the case either…” Yan Ke explained: “He might, he might not…”

Xie Jianwei stared at him.

The gears in Yan Ke’s mind turned, as he thought of a way to explain it: “Think about it this way – after the magnetic field is set up, you’ll enter Lord Supreme Commander’s dreams; but dreams have thousands, and hundreds of thousands of variations. They can reflect reality and they can diverge from reality, so there is a strong unknown factor within them.”

Yan Ke thought that he was being super quick-witted, and so continued explaining: “What you must do is find the Lord Supreme Commander’s split up personalities, and through these dreams that reflect and diverge from reality, find the unresolved tensions within his subconscious, and as long as you can resolve these unresolved tensions, the Lord’s spiritual conscience will stabilise!”

Once his multiple personality disorder was treated, he naturally wouldn’t want to kill ‘himself’.

Xie Jianwei gave it some thought, nodding in reply: “I understand.”

Yan Ke said: “Very well then, I’ll start the preparations immediately.”

When Xie Jianwei opened his eyes again, the location has already changed.

The saccharine fragrance of flowers floated through the air, and a field of pristine white and romantic pink infiltrated his eyes. There were many people gathered, their faces brimming with smiles of blessing. Quite a few of them were clapping and shouting their approval, and a few middle-aged adults at the very front had dissolved into tears.

A wedding?

Xie Jianwei quickly connected the dots.

This was a wedding, and he appeared to be one of the parties involved?

Was Lu Li his partner?

Just as Lu Li was wondering this, the priest’s solemn and august voice rang by his ear: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I now pronounce you as husband and wife!”


Xie Jianwei turned his head slightly, and saw the unfamiliar and petite woman by his side.

Anyone, even someone with all the calm and composure of Military Advisor Xie, would feel bewildered in that sort of setting.

What was this situation supposed to be?

In Lu Li’s dreams, he married someone else?

Xie Jianwei glanced around. The people that he saw were all unfamiliar faces, sincerely blessing ‘their’ marriage. But all Xie Jianwei wanted was to find Lu Li.

And very quickly, Lu Li appeared.

He wore an exquisite tuxedo, dressed handsomely as was appropriate. The strict lines of the clothes stashed away the savage aura of this army commander, concealing his air of an outlaw that had soaked deep into his bones.

Xie Jianwei frowned slightly at the sight.

Lu Li toasted the newly-wed couple: “I wish you both happiness.”

Xie Jjanwei hadn’t even made a sound, yet the woman by his side had laughed: “Elder brother, you’re being too insincere. How could a mere congratulations be enough? I want presents too!”

Lu Li looked at her, a rarely-seen gentleness within his gaze: “I only have you, my one younger sister – the things that you have wished for, have I not given you every single one?” He unthinkingly glanced at Xie Jianwei as he spoke.

Younger sister? Ignoring where Lu Li, an orphan from a barren star, had pulled out a sister from – even if there was one, why would he marry her?!

The unflappable military advisor Xie wanted to explode with swear words.

Yet this pair of siblings went on happily chatting, and the woman hooked onto Xie JIanwei’s arm had a sweet smile on her face: “Okay okay, I don’t want anything. My heart’s already satisfied, being able to marry big brother Xie!” [5]

Lu Li’s expression visibly froze for a moment, but he quickly raised his lips into a smile to amuse her: “Why are you like this? Aren’t you supposed to cry when you’re being given away in marriage?”

Lu Qingqing blinked: “There’s no way I’d cry! Being able to be together with brother Jianwei, I’m super happy!”

Lu Li smiled, finally turning to look at Xie Jianwei: “Look after Qingqing well.”

Xie Jianwei expressionlessly stared at him.

Lu Li only glanced at him, quickly shifting his gaze away: “I’ll go look after the guests, just go rest in the back if you guys are feeling tired.”

Throwing down these words, he turned and left.

Xie Jianwei knew him too well. When the guy was poker-faced like this it meant that he wasn’t speaking his heart. But because of the woman by his side, Xie Jianwei didn’t straight-up pull him back, letting him go.

The ceremony was complicated and tedious. After entering the bridal chamber, Xie Jianwei, of course, wouldn’t touch an unfamiliar woman, as a married couple would.  

He was proficient in the ancient martial arts – making a person faint off-guard was something as easy to him as lifting his hand.

Having knocked out the bride, the groom loosened his tie, and went to find his ‘elder-brother-in-law’.

He needed to have a little chat with him.

Have a nice, proper chat. Refusing to be a properly wedded pair of husbands, so that he could be an elder brother in law instead – what in the bloody hell sort of kink was that?

• • •

The author has something to say: Ding-dong, your order for Lu • a variety of ways to court death • Supreme Commander • Li has arrived.

• • •

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[1] Raws 光脑: the Chinese word for computer is 电脑, which literally translates to ‘electric brain’. Here the author used ‘light brain’, as in light-from-the-sun, which I’m assuming refers to an evolved version of the computer that works at the speed of light. The term appears later too I think, in reference to objects they actually use, so, for now, I’m translating it to ‘light interface’.

[2] Close to the people, as in ‘for the people’.

[3] Forgive me for the inaccurate translation here. If I’d translated it like ‘If you have anything, just ask me’ it wouldn’t have sounded right,

[4] ‘Fuck him to death’ ahahaha yeah it sounds violent but get used to it the phrase appears a lot in the future. Like the author literally says ‘fuck him to death’. Just go with it.

[5] This ‘elder brother’ over here doesn’t mean they’re blood-related – it just means that he’s an older male figure whom she’s emotionally close to. Addressing unrelated people with titles like ‘auntie’, ‘uncle’, ‘granny’, ‘sister’, ‘brother’ etc is a norm in Chinese. Pros include never having to remember anyone’s name cause they’re all ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’. Cons include never remembering anyone’s name cause they’re all ‘auntie and uncle’.

So um as y’all can probably tell I’m not amazing at translating the sexy scenes and lemme just say that they get hot n’ ready a lot in the future, once-a-chapter style, so like we’re really really in for a ride. Especially Xie Jianwei. He’s in for the ride. Ahaha. I probably shouldn’t have named us Indulgent Translations. It’s very misleading about my #sexyscene handling skills.

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