TMWGD Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: [Catching the BUG] He couldn’t pursue him; couldn’t touch him; and now, he couldn’t even think of him.

Edited 25.2.19

• • •

Military adviser Xie had come to point fingers. But upon seeing the ‘offender’s’ look of extreme misery, his heart instantly softened.

Although it was within a dream, the world of one’s subconscious was also, in a way, reality.

Like how a dreamer would never feel as if he’s dreaming – all of this was real to Lu Li.

The person he liked had gotten married, and not only couldn’t he stop it, but he also had to give his blessings, and smile as he did so.

How strained that smile was, how much agony there was within that strain, and how much despair there was contained within that agony – it was all too hard to measure with just a few words.

No matter how much alcohol he drank, all it did was numb his nerves, unable to provide any relief to his rotted heart

He couldn’t pursue him; couldn’t touch him; and now, he couldn’t even think of him.

Lu Li didn’t know when he had fallen for Xie Jianwei, but by the time his feelings had grown into towering vines, he was already tightly locked within.

The sad thing was, just when he wanted to confess, Lu Qingqing had told him: “Elder brother, brother Jianwei proposed to me!”

Lu Li had felt a reverberating hum within his head, discovering only then that the vine tightly trapping him had grown thorns, and that the thorns were poisonous, digging past his heart and into his veins right then and there, instantly corroding away his limbs and bones.

His only sister and the person that he liked were now together.

They were going to marry.

If he had parents, he would have left the place; if Lu Qingqing wasn’t his younger sister, he would have robbed away Xie Jianwei. But now… Lu Qingqing was his only family; they depended on each for survival; he had to preside over her marriage; he had to, in a place that symbolised eternity and holiness, give his sister to the person he loved with his own two hands.

How absurd.

But this absurd thing had already happened.

The banquet ended, and the festivity, like the fireworks over the horizon, scattered away.

In the despondency of the night, within the lifelessness of the room, Lu Li was hopelessly drunk. In a moment of absent-mindedness, he thought he saw a mirage – he thought he saw Xie Jianwei.

The youth, bathed in moonlight, was as perfect as when they first met.

Lu Li laughed in self-deprecation.

Xie Jianwei gently sighed, walking closer to him, saying: “Don’t sit here, you’ll catch a cold.”

Lu Li raised his head, looking at him.

Xie Jianwei bent down, nearing him: “I’ll support you…”

“Ah-Wei.” [1] Lu Li’s gaze on him was unwavering, his voice coarse and bitter. “…Am I dreaming?”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Lu Li frowned a little, muttering to himself: “I must be dreaming.” At this moment, Xie Jianwei should be with Xie Qingqing, the small couple sharing their dense love and sweet affection, doing things that shredded apart his heart just with the thought of them.

Xie Jianwei decided not to waste words on a drunkard, trying to pull him up – except, although drunk, the guy’s strength was still intact. His exertion not only failed to pull him up but made him fall into his embrace.

This is an accident, strategist Xie promises!

Anyways, if he fell, he fell – they’ve been an old married couple for so long already, was there anything they hadn’t done before?

But what surprised Xie Jianwei was that he had only put his back against Lu Li’s chest, conveniently sitting on his thigh along the way, and yet this big scoundrel’s ‘little scoundrel’ got hard!

Xie Jianwei turned his head and stared at him.

Lu Lu’s black eyes were bright, unmovingly fixated on his lips.

His gaze was too undisguised, flushed with a dense thirst and suggestiveness.

Xie Jianwei’s thin lips trembled slightly – the movement was very slight, but incredibly alluring.

Lu Li was already staring at him, unblinkingly – and at that moment, it was as if he had been poisoned or bewitched – without thinking, he kissed the other’s lips.

In that moment, Lu Li’s mind seemed to clear up a little, and he understood that he had done something he shouldn’t.

But Xie Jianwei not only did not push him away, but he also closed his eyes.

Lu Li’s heart violently jumped – pressing down on the back of his neck, he impatiently invaded his oral cavity, spilling out all those emotions squashed down at the bottom of his heart.

One had gotten drunk, and thought that it was a dream.

The other had just already gotten used to Lu Li.

Even though it was a little painful when he first entered – probably because the dream version of Lu Li was convinced he didn’t have any experience, so Xie Jianwei became ‘someone without experience’, and right then Lu Li was being too impatient, practically elbowing his way in – it would have been difficult for it to be painless.

Xie Jianwei resisted for a moment, but Lu Li couldn’t stop.

Fortunately, the Supreme Commander was ‘extraordinarily gifted’, and it wasn’t long before Xie Jianwei got the feel of it, and began catering to him.

On the eve of the wedding, sheets being turned in crimson waves of passion was a common sight.

It’s just that the parties involved weren’t quite right.

Lu Li had probably been overly tormented by his unfulfillable desires, and so, treating this like the day before the apocalypse, he overdid things by a long shot.

Xie Jianwei was so tired he directly fainted in sleep afterwards.

The day brightened, and the effects of alcohol dispersed. The now completely calmed down Lu Li looked at the expanse of chaos before him, his whole body frozen stiff.

This place was the wedding hall of his sister Lu Qingqing and his brother-in-law Xie Jianwei.

They pledged themselves to each other here, they became lifelong partners here.

And yet he…in this location, had, to his own brother-in-law…

It wasn’t a dream!

Lu Li’s face was a field of ashen white; he looked at the comatose Xie Jianwei, feeling only that his chest had been filled with ice water, so cold that his fingers trembled.

What had he done, he’d…

Last night’s scenes crashed upon his mind like tidal waves; Lu Li remembered only Xie Jianwei’s resistance, and his own invasion and crudity.

He had lost control in his drunkenness, had taken his own brother-in-law by force on the eve of his wedding.

The truth, like iron, cruelly branded itself onto his heart, accompanying a consuming, stabbing pain that bubbled up, along with dense trepidation and horror.

What to do? What should he do?

Xie Jianwei will definitely abhor him.

Lu Qingqing will also abhor him.

He, what had he done?!

Lu Li didn’t want to hurt the two people that he loved the most, but now, everything was over!

When Xie Jianwei woke up, Lu LI was helping him bathe.

Soaked in the comforting hot water, Xie Jianwei lightly exhaled, lazily opening his eyes.

At that moment when Lu Li met his gaze, his pupils shrunk, and he speedily withdrew his fingers from that area.

Xie Jianwei lightly hmphed, glaring at him in dissatisfaction.

Lu Li didn’t even dare look at him.

Xie Jianwei thought in his heart, since when did this guy become so well-behaved?

But that place was still sticky – if it wasn’t completely cleansed it would be very uncomfortable. He looked directly at Lu Li, saying: “…Don’t stop.”

Lu Li violently raised his head to look at him.

Xie Jianwei listlessly spoke: “I’m tired, I don’t want to move. Help me out a little.”

Lu Li’s face was filled with disbelief, his eyes fixed on Xie Jianwei, like he couldn’t understand the meaning of his words.

It was a pity that Military Advisor Xie didn’t take this whole ‘brother-in-law’ setting seriously – it was a dream after all, and the person that Lu Li liked was himself anyways, and he also liked Lu Li, and the two of them had also done it, so what was there to pretend about?

Moreover, between the two of them, was there even a need for pretence?

And yet Lu Li’s expression was filled with a ‘the-earth-has-shattered’ sort of disbelief: “Ah-Wei…”

Xie Jianwei glanced at him: “What?”

Lu Li: “I…”

Xie Jianwei thought he wanted to go again, and frowned while saying: “I’m really tired. Don’t mess around more, we’ll do it again after resting two days.

Lu Li’s face grew abnormally pale: “I’m Lu Li, not Lu Qingqing.”

Xie Jianwei finally reacted, saying: “Of course I know you’re Lu Li.”

Lu Li’s expression grew even worse: “We…”

Xie Jianwei paused for a moment, simply giving up and saying it straight: “Lu Li, I like you.”

Even though he still didn’t know what Lu Li’s inner emotional woe was, but anyways, they’d already found each other, so he’ll first confess to him, and then they’ll be together, slowly…

The lifelong wisdom of Military Advisor Xie finally faltered for a moment!

His hadn’t even finished his thought before he felt everything before him quiver, and when he opened his eyes again, he had already woken up from the ‘dream’.

Xie Jianwei blinked.

Yan Ke also blinked: “How come you’re back so quickly?”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Yan Ke: “How was it? What was the situation? Which personality did you meet? Did you find Lord Supreme Commander’s inner worry? Did you have a proper chat with him?”

His chain of questions came crashing down, and Xie Jianwei couldn’t even say a single word.

What happened?

All he did was confess, so why was he be ‘kicked out’?

Yan Ke’s eyes widened, expletives exploding from his mouth: “Oh fuck!”

Xie Jianwei snapped back, looking over to him and asking: “What’s going on?”

Yan Ke unwaveringly stared at the machine, and half a moment later dumbly turned his head to look at Xie Jianwei: “Milord! I built you a magnetic field to get you to help Lord Supreme Commander fix his disorder, but how’d you…how…”

Xie Jianwei pushed him away, looking at the numbers on the machine. In an instant, those beautiful brows twisted into mahuas. [2]

He muttered: “How could this be?”

Lu Li’s condition had worsened – there had originally only been a fixed four personalities, but now…there were two more!

Yan Ke asked, with bitter resentment: “Milord, what exactly did you do?”

Xie Jianwei recollected what happened, saying: “I didn’t do anything much…”

Making love was definitely Lu-pervert’s favourite thing, and he did it with him for a whole night, even enduring the pain – so how could it make his condition worsen?

Yan Ke couldn’t care less, and inquired in detail: “Tell me everything that you saw and met with and did.”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Yan Ke said: “I don’t want to pry into your private married life, you just need to…en…explain things generally.”

And so military strategist Xie properly explained to him how he went from being Lu Li’s partner to being Lu Li’s brother-in-law.

Listening to him, Yan Ke had a face full of stupefaction: “What the hell sort of thing is that?”

Xie Jianwei also wanted to say as much.

Yan Ke couldn’t be bothered making fun of the Lord Supreme Commander’s exotic interests, continuing his interrogation: “What did you say when you left the dream world?”

Xie Jianwei vaguely told him what happened after.

Yan Ke: “…”

Xie Jianwei said: “He likes me, and I also like him, what’s wrong with confessing?”

Yan Ke kneaded his forehead: “Oh milord, You can’t treat this dream world as a dream! You’re going in to treat his condition, and that dream is real to lord Supreme Commander!”

Yan Ke sincerely admonished: “Put yourself in his shoes and think – you’re secretly in love with your own brother in law, and have always been afraid to confess, even giving your blessings to them contrary to your own desires, and yet after waking up you discover that you’ve forcefully taken your brother in law, and that not only did your brother in law not kill you, he’s also confessed to you. Do you think that’s normal? Could you accept that? Could you believe that? That will absolutely result in a mental breakdown!”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Yan Ke sighed, saying: “You have to co-operate, co-operate, you understand?”

Xie Jianwei, IQ of 280, instantly understood: “You mean, I really need to be his brother in law?”

Yan Ke solemnly nodded his head: “Not only do you have to be his brother in law, but you also need to follow whatever his setting is, and progress according to his logic. You can’t let the dreamscape collapse!”

Xie Jianwei frowned.

Fearing that he might get softhearted, Yan Ke thought that he might as well say it straight up: “Since he set it so that you don’t love him, then you can’t love him…”

But Xie Jianwei truly did love him: “But…”

“No buts! Only by ensuring the completeness of the dreamscape, can you find the root of his heart’s woes; remember, you’re going in there to help treat his disorder, not to make it worse!”

Military advisor Xie had no words against that.

Yan Ke solemnly said: “This is what’s called ‘good medicine is bitter’ [3] – milord you can’t be softhearted; if you need to bully him, then bully him until the bitter end!”

• • •

The author has something to say: Hahaha!

Let’s play all kinds of PLAY together ~\(≧∇≦)/~ This will be a super-unique series of sweet fiction! Xxx!

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[1] Putting ‘Ah’ in front of someone’s name denotes closeness, like giving them a nickname.

[2] Mahua: 麻花: biscuit thingos made of dough and you deep fry them and they taste really nice. The image isn’t mine.

[3] Good medicine is bitter: Medicine that will actually work is unpleasant to digest – the method to actually help the supreme commander out is hard on XJW

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  1. I´m honestly confused about the plot. it seems so messy and fast paced. what´s going on? Whatever problem the supreme commander had, it seemed so strange and random, as if there just for convenience for the story

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    1. i think ML had split persobality (if i guessed correctly, it was from.the last fight or something to capture their empire back again or something) and he’s trying to clone himself for his another personalities then from what i deduced, he’s ‘killing’ himself? now, MC have to enter his dreamworld and act according to the plot ML dished out for his dream. MC also have to find the root cause of his woes as the other person said(forgot the charac’s name)

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  2. hey, the story js great tho confusing at first… but ill still stick around to see the endinv, can’t wait for more! and kh, can you pls make the font bigger? its kinda hard to read when the font size is so small you had to squint so hard just to read

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