TMWGD Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: An Obedient Oriole

• • •

T/N: putting it out here now that this was a bitch to translate so apologies if it sounds awkward and crass at parts.

Also ‘itched’ in here occasionally means horny.

And I’ve put single quotation marks or whatever they’re called around the places where whatever location they’re talking about refers to ‘that’ kinda location if ya know what the author means…

• • •

Xie Jianwei’s body recovered exceptionally quickly.

Clearly, he had been hit by a car, and clearly, he had been comatose for three days and nights, and clearly, even if he lived, he might have been paralysed from then on; but Xie Jianwei actually made a breakthrough through medical miracles, recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The head doctor was shocked for the entire ride, deeply feeling as though he was basically a useless doctor; apart from exclaiming every day, “You’re recovering great super great way too great!” he had no other purpose.

Xie Jianwei hadn’t done anything either – it was probably all of the ‘Will of God’ focusing on him; being slammed into such a state, and yet experiencing neither pain nor itch, eating as he pleased, and after staying there for a week, he’d even started to ‘itch’.

His heart itched, and ‘that place’ itched too.

To Xie Jianwei, Lu Li was practically exploding with cuteness during these days!

He was just like a big canine, wagging its tail, honestly and sincerely revolving around him. After he’d stopped being a tsundere, condensed emotion had overflowed from that pair of black eyes, sweet enough to choke a person.

And so, kissing and hugging, the two eased their ‘itches’ in the hospital room.

After finishing, Xie Jianwei felt as though he were drowning in pleasure [1]; his head felt woozy, and he wasn’t able to come back to his senses for quite some time.

As a result, his state gave Lu Li quite a fright: “Ah Wei?”

(T/N: a quick reminder that sticking ‘Ah’ in front of someone’s name is a form of endearment, like giving them a pet name.)

Xie Jianwei made no noise.

Lu Li swept him into his embrace, carefully brushing the wound on his waist, already so faint that it couldn’t be seen; his brows twisted as he said: ‘Did I hurt you?”

Xie Jianwei dimly hummed in response to his kneading: “It doesn’t hurt.”

Hearing his words, Lu Li was reassured, and he said again: “It’s better to not do this anymore, wait until your body’s recovered…”

Xie Jianwei buried his face in his arms, mumbling vaguely: “It doesn’t hurt, it’s just…”

Lu Li didn’t hear. “En?”

Xie Jianwei said: “…feels too good.”

Lu Li: “…”

It wasn’t just Xie Jianwei’s heart that felt hot, his face was also quickly burning up.

Lu Li held his face steady, gazing at his reddened cheeks and sparkling eyes, feeling only as if his head had been electrified, and then…en…fucked him until he cried.

Xie Jianwei stayed at the hospital for half a month; in this half month, Lu Li spared no effort indeed in helping him recover his memories.

What a pity it was that these memories were all skewed.

Xie Jianwei asked him: “How did we meet and fall in love?”

Of course, Lu Li wouldn’t mention that he was only his bed partner/vibrator – what came out when he opened his mouth, was: “I fell for you at first sight; it was only after I chased you for three months that you accepted me.”

Xie Jianwei laughed: “You chased for that long?”

Lu Li flicked the tip of his nose: “You didn’t like men at the start.”

Xie Jianwei’s eyes widened: “I didn’t like men?”

Something in the depths of Lu Li’s eyes flickered: “You like them?”

How alert and resourceful was Xie Jianwei that he seamlessly said: “I don’t know, but I like you.”

Laughter seeped out from Lu Li’s eyes.

Xie Jianwei kissed him, saying: “You being a man is fine, being a woman is fine too; either way, I only like you.”

The words warmed Lu Li’s heart until it felt flustered, but when he opened his mouth, his words were filled with banter: “If I was a woman, you wouldn’t have anyone to ease your ‘itch ‘here’.”

Xie Jianwei couldn’t handle seeing him smile like that the most; it was truly devastatingly handsome, and so he kissed and kissed and then they started to mess around again.

Afterwards, Xie Jianwei asked a lot of things about himself.

Lu Li’s words were 40% truth and 60% lie: “Your parents both passed away, you were raised by your grandmother, but before the accident, you told me that grandmother Xie was recuperating overseas, and so you weren’t able to see her anytime soon.”

Xie Jianwei asked him again; “Then what did I do?”

Lu Li laughed: “You were really amazing, you inherited the Xie family, creating one of the few great consortiums within the country.”

Xie Jianwei frowned, taking advantage of the opportunity to say: “But I don’t remember anything…” he was a little uneasy as he said, “Such a big storefront, how would I be able to run the Xie family?”

The depths of Lu Li’s eyes flashed, but he still went along with it, saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

Afterwards, Xie Jianwei signed quite a few documents.

Lu Li was testing Xie Jianwei, so the contents of the documents weren’t even hidden; if Xie Jianwei had even the slightest bit of recollection, he’d probably fly into a rage upon seeing the files.

This was entirely making him hand the entire Xie family over on a silver platter, giving the whole of his savings, worth tens of billions, over to Lu Li.

Not to mention how disastrous their relationship had been before – even if they really were a pair of infatuated lovers, the Xie Jianwei with memories wouldn’t do this.

But now, Xie Jianwei had complete faith in Lu Li, signing the documents without even the slightest hesitation.

Lu Li fixedly stared at his hand that was holding the fountain pen, the feelings tumbling about in his heart complex and paradoxical.

On one hand, he felt at ease now – if the Xie family was no more, then even if Xie Jianwei recovered his memories, it would still be impossible for him to leave his side.

On the other hand, he felt even more unsettled – having done this, when Xie Jianwei remembered everything, he would definitely abhor him.

Forget about love – Xie Jianwei would only want to kill him.

No matter how much he used ‘love’ as his reason, the things he did were too overboard.

But there was already no way back – the short half month in which Xie Jianwei had lost his memories had, for Lu Li, sketched a blueprint that was too beautiful.

Xie Jianwei loved him – and it turned out that being loved by his was such a euphoric thing.

He had already been incapable of letting go even when he had never truly experienced it – and now that he had tasted such sweet fruit, he even more so couldn’t imagine what losing it would feel like.

He wanted Xie Jianwei; he had to have Xie Jianwei, even if he had to stop at nothing to get him.

Xie Jianwei didn’t reveal even a single flaw in his act. What was the Xie family to him? He could even give to him the entire galaxy.

After getting out of the hospital, the people picking Xie Jianwei up had already been completely altered.

These people calling themselves his assistants and chauffeur were all Lu Li’s people.

Lu Li didn’t want to let him get back his memories, and so naturally wouldn’t let him come into contact with old acquaintances.

Because they were already unfamiliar faces, after ‘losing his memories’ Xie Jianwei would be even more unfamiliar with them [2], and this type of unfamiliarity, to some degree, could even disrupt his memories, making Xie Jianwei, who might have remembered something originally, completely incapable of remembering anything.

Lu Li brought Xie Jianwei to their new house by the sea.

Lu Li said: “Can you remember anything? This house was something that you designed yourself after all.”

Xie Jianwei said, surprised: “I designed it?”

Lu Li laughed: “En, a house designed for us.”

Xie Jianwei didn’t doubt him, smiling sweetly: ‘Seems like I really did love you very much.”

Lu Li neither confirmed nor denied it.

Xie Jianwei then hugged him, sighing: “I loved you very much before, and I love you even more now.”

Lu Li softly smiled, dropping a kiss on the tip of his ear: “I love you too.”

Purposefully or thoughtlessly, Lu Li was distorting Xie Jianwei’s memories.

This house was indeed of Xie Jianwei’s design, but the two definitely hadn’t lived in there, for even a single day.

But Lu Li renovated the house again, making it appear much older, the marks of the interactions between a sweet pair of lovers left everywhere.

In the closet were the two’s clothes mixed together; in the bathroom, a toothbrush set for couples; and on the soft and big bed, a comfortable two-person pillow, as well as some private adult products in the bedside cabinet.

Xie Jianwei took out a love egg [3], laughing: “We’ve even used this before?”

Lu Li replied: “En, you yourself put it inside to seduce me.”

Xie Jianwei’s face heated up, putting down the thing and saying: “Rubbish.”

Lu Li said: “You’ll know if you use it, right? Perhaps your body still remembers…”

Xie Jianwei laughed as he scolded: “Get out!”

Lu Li truly put a lot of thought into the house.

Xie Jianwei watched his journey, his heart aching for him too.

Clearly, the two didn’t have these memories as an old couple, but Lu Li still stubbornly created all of it, based on imagination.

Xie Jianwei didn’t have memory loss at all, but seeing this, little by little, even he felt suspicious over whether he perhaps really did lose his memories, and had forgotten this segment of time that he had been living together with Lu Li.

It could be seen just how hard Fellow Student Lu Li [4] had tried, with all his might, mixing lies and truths until even Military Advisor Xie had started to doubt himself.

Lu Li was earnestly obstructing Xie Jianwei’s contact with the outside world.

In that half a month spent in the hospital, apart from the doctors in charge, Xie Jianwei hadn’t seen anyone else.

After coming out from the hospital, for an entire month, Xie Jianwei never left their home.

Most of Lu Li’s work had been moved to the house, and in an entire day, only when Xie Jianwei took his afternoon nap would he go out.

And as long as Lu Li walked out of that room, the innumerous monitoring devices spread across the room would simultaneously activate, closely watching Xie Jianwei’s every move.

Xie Jianwei hypothesised that Lu Li must have hired at least over a hundred people to look after him.

This was ‘imprisoning’ him ah.

Finally able to live out a comfortable life as a rice weevil [5], Xie Jianwei was also gratified.

But he had to remind Lu Li to perfect his settings from time to time.

For example, Xie Jianwei picked up the remote control, saying: “Are there any interesting shows on TV recently?”

Lu Li’s eyebrows raised, seamlessly taking ahold of the remote, choosing a channel for him: “You only liked watching these variety shows before.”

Xie Jianwei watched with much interest, even being amused into laughing from time to time.

On the second day, the TV was then specially altered; everything to do with news on current events had all disappeared, leaving only the popular programmes and variety shows, and even these had all been screened; absolutely without ads, leaving only bullshit.

That’s more like it, thought Xie Jianwei in his heart; what if I suddenly opened the news one day, and the news reported the Xie family’s tumultuous straits, as well as how there was still no word from President Xie, still recovering from illness?

After all, Xie Jianwei was more or less also a public figure.

Lu Li learnt quickly from the example [6], and even the computer had been specifically taken care of; basically, when Xie Jianwei logged in, he would see a super-filter style purified version of the internet.

Xie Jianwei put in a lot of effort into helping him construct the birdcage – to speak in all honesty, an Oriole as obedient as this was a rare sight.

Like so, two months were passed unhurriedly and leisurely; just as Xie Jianwei thought that everything was perfect, that he could enjoy life in the birdcage without worry, a person that shouldn’t have come came falling from the sky.

No shit he really did fall from the sky, Xie Jianwei couldn’t understand how the little assistant in front of him broke through the defence of a few hundred people, charging into this garden that was so secure it had no openings.

It really was just like the Xiao Yanzi on TV yesterday; only ghosts would know how she managed to charge into the royal family’s hunting grounds! [7]

The little assistant, possessed by the demon of dramatics, began bawling upon seeing Xie Jianwei: “President Xie ah! I’ve come to rescue you! Hurry and come with me, while that barbaric heartless beast…” [8]

Xie • Oriole • Jianwei didn’t play his hand according to normal logic: “Hello, is this 119? There’s a thief in my house!”

• • •

The author has something to say: Ah, that, isn’t a little black room made by a ginger ‘bing’ a gingerbread house? Gingerbread houses are crunchy and flaky and sweet on top of that, not spicy at all, hahaha!

(T/N: house and room are the same words in Chinese, it depends on the context, and clearly I’ve been getting the context wrong before ahahahahahahahah kmn)


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[1] Drowning in pleasure: In the raws it means ‘He got super rich’ but in terms of feeling gooood.

[2] Unfamiliar: ‘Strangers’’ in Chinese is literally ‘unfamiliar person’ so I just used ‘unfamiliar faces’

[3] Love egg: Please google incognito: 跳蛋

[4] Fellow Student: Like calling someone a fellow comrade or something but schoolyard version. Bad analogy but hey, the feel’s there.

[5] Rice weevil: parasite. Literally ‘rice bug’ in Chinese.

[6] Learnt quickly from the example: 举一反三: literally ‘raise one and they return it with three’

[7] Xiao Yanzi: Reference to a popular comedy-drama-idk TV show called My Fair Princess, Return of the Pearl Princess, Princess Returning Pearl, etc. Return of the Pearl Princess as in ‘‘Return of the Pearl’ Princess’ – ‘Return of the Pearl’ being her title 还珠. The main character, Xiao Yanzi, due to a series of coincidences and encounters etc etc ends up somehow stumbling into the royal hunting grounds, and has to pretend to be a princess who went missing (the actual princess is her best friend who pretends to be her maid, I distinctly remember there being a torture scene in which she was stabbed with golden needles or something, very painful, and I think her fingers bled at some point from peeling too many peanuts in some next level hazing). Her title ‘还珠’ – huan zhu, literally return pearl, refers to her, ‘the pearl’, returning to the royal family after being lost for many years. It’s very funny. One of the princes was convinced he was into incest bc he fell for the main character who isn’t really his half sister but he thinks she’s his half sister. Also there’s this western violin artist exchange student guy who teaches them swear words in English, except they aren’t really swear words but ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’, butchered and adapted to Chinese bc she’s an impressionable princess with heavy grudges who you can’t teach swear words to bc she will use them. Loudly.

[8] Barbaric heartless beast: In the raws, it was literally ‘Wild beast, with the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog’ – basically means to say that he’s a wild animal without consideration or mercy. Keeping in mind that this ‘heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog’ saying was made in medieval times where dogs weren’t super super common household pets, and wolves were more terrifying furry things that ate your cattle savagely than romanticised animals that are moon spirits or something.

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