TMWGD Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: I love you, I love everything about you.

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How could there be two Lu Lis?

Unless it was Xu Li again?

Just like last time, when Xie Jianwei thought Xu Li was Lu Li, and as a result risked his life to save him, when the person changed back to his original form, after which Lu Li’s pot of vinegar was pushed over. If it wasn’t for Xie Jianwei’s timely ‘amnesia’, the entire plot would probably have proceeded without hesitation on the path to tragedy.

If it was Xu Li, then there was completely no need for Xie Jianwei to go to the rescue, since he had amnesia. He absolutely wouldn’t act out a plot as melodramatic as something like ‘still being able to remember his lover from the past despite having lost his memories, his body reacting faster than his brain’.

After all, this was only a test, and he still had the power to decide where it would head.

However, Xie Jianwei had apparently underestimated his family’s Big Pervert. Despite never having gone to school, he’d still at any rate been taught hand in hand by Xie Jianwei. On top of that, he’d also been excessively steeped in the position of the Supreme Commander for so long. Let’s not mention other stuff for now – speaking solely based on his skill to create drama, if he claimed second place, there was probably nobody in the entire universe who’d dare claim first.

And so, just when Military Strategist Xie had made up his mind to hold fast to his current position and to watch him die without saving him, the Lu Li by his side at once turned into Xu Li!

Xie Jianwei: “…”

Was this shit telling him to act out a huge ‘despite having lost his memories, upon seeing Xu Li he was still infatuated, after which he looked on at Lu Li’s death without making a move to save him’ set up?

Babe, couldn’t you follow reason a little ah, how could you mess around like this?

Would an actual live person be able to switch positions like that the moment you tell them to switch positions? Could you maybe not ignore logic for the sake of melodrama?

How was one supposed to follow such a script?

Xie Jianwei couldn’t remember ever feeling so troubled before.

To save or not to save?

He was willing to bet that, as long as he ran towards the Lu Li in the middle of the road, then that Lu Li would instantly turn into Xu Li; but if he didn’t rush over, the Lu Li by his side will instantly turn into Xu Li.

Anyways, no matter what he did, Lu Li was convinced that he would pick Xu Li.

This all happened in a very short span of time. Just when Xie Jianwei was thinking up a plan that could make both sides happy, by his side, Lu Li suddenly said: “Why would I appear over there?”

Xie Jianwei violently paused.

Lu Li could also see Lu Li?

He didn’t see Xu Li?

Then, could that person really be Lu Li, and not Xu Li? Were there truly two Lu Lis?

Xie Jianwei’s brain worked extremely fast: two Lu Li’s – it wasn’t impossible. After all, ever since the period of time before, Xie Jianwei had been suspicious that other personalities were probably able to affect this dreamscape – otherwise, even though Lu Li liked moving his thoughts in weird directions, he wouldn’t be so self abusive to the point of making Xie Jianwei rescue Xu Li.

According to normal logic, in that sort of situation, the thoughts in Lu Li’s heard must be that Xu Li should go die, should be slammed to death by ten cars.

But the result was that Xie Jianwei was hit.

If it had been the Lu Li who had fallen into the dream, he would have never let an accident happen to Xie Jianwei no matter what. After all, in his eyes, this dream was real, and even if Xie Jianwei didn’t die, he’d still have to endure a huge amount of agony; based on this point alone, Lu Li would never do it.

But if it was another personality of Lu Li’s, then there was a high probability that he would do so, because he didn’t belong to this dreamscape. He knew everything was fake, and he could make Xu Li instantaneously turn into Lu Li, and he was presumably also very self-confident in his ability to prevent Xie Jianwei from feeling pain.

And the result was just that – Xie Jianwei was smashed into a state of near death, and yet not even mentioning being paralysed on the bed, he didn’t even feel a single shred of physical pain.

Thought about from this angle, a few events that hadn’t followed logical sense before now made sense.

The Lu Li inside the dreamscape would definitely follow logic, because he believed that this was a real world. But the Lu Li that wasn’t inside the dream wouldn’t follow logic, because he knew that it was a dream.

Even in reality, they all wanted to kill each other – apparently, they’d even more so spare no efforts to bury each other in the dream.

Xie Jianwei furrowed his brows. What must he do to fix this?

At this time, the Lu Li by his side abruptly spoke: ‘Ah Wel, that isn’t me!”

Xie Jianwei: “…” That is you actually…

The Lu Li standing in the middle of the road was staring unblinkingly at Xie Jianwei, his inky black eyes practically melting into one with the night.

Xie Jianwei’s heart dropped, his heart growing soft from his staring.

One was the palm of his hand and the other was the back, both were his flesh, and his heart would hurt watching either of them die.

But Xie Jianwei didn’t feel as troubled now as he did before – since what Lu Li saw was also Lu Li, then he was allowed to rescue him; afterwards, he could explain by saying: he was unable to watch him die without saving him.

Just as he wanted to move, in the blink of an eye, the wide road had become empty of any people.

Be it Lu Li or Xu Li, all had disappeared, leaving only a car rapidly driving by.

Xie Jianwei was stunned, and Lu Li also frowned.

Xie Jianwei pondered for a moment, a few ideas now in his heart – looks like Lu Li no. 2 didn’t have any way of truly entering into other personalities’ dreamscapes.

It made sense – after all, if he were able to enter, would he really only make such small troubles?

He’d probably toss things up until the whole world turned upside down.

Xie Jianwei released a sigh for now, but his heart still secretly worried.

No. 2 couldn’t enter the dreams of No. 1 for now, but what about in the future?

Would there be a dreamscape where he would simultaneously meet multiple Lu Lis?

How the fuck was he supposed to cure that? He might as well bring over a chair and watch them fight to the death then!

Xie Jianwei’s eyebrows twitched, hoping that he was only thinking too much.

Lu Li’s voice pulled him back to reality: “Just then…”

Xie Jianwei pretended to be clueless: “What’s wrong?”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed: “Did you see me standing in the middle of the road?”

Xie Jianwei laughed, holding his hand, saying: “How could that be, aren’t you standing right by my side?”

Lu Li watched him for a while, and only after a moment had passed did he say: “Yeah, I’m right here by your side.”

Xie Jianwei pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips, softly speaking: “You have to be by my side, now and always.”

Lu Li smiled too: “Okay.”

Due to this small incident, Xie Jianwei didn’t continue his life as a rice weevil; he started secretly contacting people he could use, preparing to do something big,

Right now, Lu Li’s insecurity was that he was scared of Xie Jianwei recovering his memories one day, and then throw him away.

Xie Jianwei originally wasn’t in a hurry to solve this, but because of the appearance and disappearance of Lu Li No. 2, Xie Jianwei felt that it couldn’t be dragged on any longer – in case No. 2 came to make trouble again, there was no way to guard against that.

When in came to the knots in one’s heart, construction couldn’t happen without destruction. [1[.

Even though opening the wound would hurt, but as long as one bore through it, it will be the beginning of recovery,

Xie Jianwei arranged for a ‘coincidental meeting’.

Xie Jianwei without his memories finally met Xu Li.

Lu Li’s hands shook, his knife and fork falling to the ground at the sound, his face rapidly turning white, his dark eyes holding within them an unconcealable unease.

Why would Xu Li be here?

If Xie Jianwei saw him he definitely wouldn’t…

Xu Li had already leapt over, loudly shouting: “Ah Wei, everything was my fault, it was me who hurt you – if it hadn’t been for the sake of saving me, you wouldn’t have fallen into the control of this monster, and you wouldn’t have had your Xie family taken over by him – moreover, you wouldn’t have been imprisoned by him in…:”

“Who are you?” Xie Jianwei’s eyes were completely filled with cold detachment.

Xu Li had long since known about Xie Jianwei’s amnesia, so he hurriedly spoke: “Xu Li, I’m Xu Li ah! We are the lovers, we are the ones that are actually in love with each other, you were hit by a car in order to save me, and so forgot about everything, Ah Wei, you’ve been lied to by Lu Li, you’ve been lied to by this savage, rapacious, heartless beast ah!”

Xie Jianwei violently stood up.

Lu Li was still frozen. His head was lowered, his nails were stabbing straight into his palms, and yet he couldn’t feel any pain.

He had finally woken up from the good dream, but he hadn’t thought that it would come so quickly.

“Lu Li lied to me?” Xie Jianwei coldly laughed. “On what basis would I believe you, a stranger?”

Xu Li’s gaze was dumbfounded, while Lu Li abruptly raised his head.

Xie Jianwei stared at Xu Li, and said: “I did indeed lose my memories, but my brain wasn’t damaged – I can see very clearly how Lu Li treats me. Even if I remember everything, I’d still love him.”

Xu Li felt unresigned to his defeat, wanting to say something else – but Lu Li, who had come back to his senses, raised his hands, and the bodyguards stationed around the parameter came forwards, escorting Xu Li away.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was somewhat stiff. Lu Li spoke first, saying: ‘What he said…”

Xie Jianwei came forwards, holding his face and saying earnestly: “Lu Li, I love you.”

Lu Li was stunned. Xie Jianwei said again: “If I didn’t love you before, then I may as well forget that, I don’t want those memories. I only want memories of a future with you.”

Lu Li’s eyes filled with disbelief.

Xie Jianwei smiled at him. “You don’t believe me? Then I’ll ask you again after thirty years…”

Lu Li asked him, his voice low and hoarse: “If I did something very wrong, you…”

“There’s no wrong, Lu Li. You’ll never be wrong, always.” Xie Jianwei was very close to him, the tips of their noses touching as he warmly said, “I love you, I love everything about you.”

Be it good or bad, from the moment he accepted Lu Li, he had fallen in love with all of him.

Even if he didn’t understand, that was okay, he could make him understand, no matter how many times he had to repeat it.

Xie Jianwei stayed with Lu Li, and dreamt an extremely long dream, spanning 10 years long.

Xie Jianwei didn’t ‘recover his memories’ for all of the ten years.

He used his endless time to comfort Lu Li’s unease.

When he woke up from the dream, Xie Jianwei didn’t feel that any time had passed though.

Yan Ke let out a huge sigh: “Wasn’t easy, ah. Finally made this personality fall into a temporary deep sleep.”

Xie Jianwei replied: “En.”

Yan Ke was pretty enthusiastic: “Hopefully the next personality will be successful like this one.”

Xie Jianwei looked at the time, said: ‘Let’s open up another magnetic field.”

Yan Ke knew what he was thinking: “May as well. The Grand Galaxial Ceremony is almost here – at that time, Lord Supreme Commander needs to wake up to attend the military review.”

Xie Jianwei nodded in reply.

Having had the experience from the previous dream, Xie Jianwei and Yan Ke thought that this time would be more successful; after all, they had figured out Fellow Student Old Lu’s ‘bag of tricks’.

And yet it was only when Xie Jianwei woke up, that he came to an understanding of what ‘The capital’s traps are deep, I want to go back to the village!’ [2] meant.

Xie Jianwei had turned into a young adult in his teens, and placed in front of him was a diary written by ‘himself’.

It only took reading one paragraph to make his emotions complicated.

Year 20XX Month XX Day XX

Doctor Lu didn’t come.

Why didn’t Doctor Lu come?

Did Doctor Lu go and take care of someone else?

Why couldn’t Doctor Lu only look at me, only take care of me, only belong to me?


Xie Jianwei: “…” A yandere young man with a problem in his brain, indeed. [3]

• • •

The author has something to say: Black-bellied Doctor Gong X Yandere Young Master Shou

Xie Jianwei: Did I hold the script upside-down?

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[1] 不破不立: No destruction no construction: To build something you gotta tear the old stuff apart first.

[2] 城里套路深,我要回农村: the city’s traps are deep, I want to go back to the village. Aka the city/capital has too many snakes (as in crafty / vicious / sneaky) people, I wanna go back to the countryside where things were simpler.

[3] Yes, it literally says yandere. Loanword from japan lol.

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