TMWGD Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Lots of Fun with Yandere Adolescents

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WARNING: chapter contains mentions of mental illness. When it says ‘mental illness’, the author refers to XJW’s new role’s yandere tendencies and other personality traits that developed due to his upbringing and other factors. There’s no offence meant and no intended stigmatising and stuff, or at least none that I can detect.

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In the previous two dreamscapes, when Xie Jianwei had entered he had been absolutely clueless, relying on guesses for the entire journey.

This time, Fellow Student Old Lu was extra attentive, straight up producing a diary for him. Flipping through it at ten lines per glance, Xie Jianwei was very clear on just what kind of crazy person he was already.

A sixteen-year-old adolescent deprived of affection. Due to certain reasons, his body was weak, and he had from a young age been soaked in medicine jars. Even the fresh air outside, he hadn’t breathed much of. Despite having lived to this age, out of the people he was familiar with, aside from servants there were only more servants; he was without even a single friend.

His parents were busy with work, flying around everywhere, unable to return home for more than a few times a year.

For the young boy living like this, it’d be difficult for his mental state to be normal even if he wanted it to be.

Until a year ago, when Lu Li became their family doctor. He’d perform a check up on him every once in a while, and would at the same time chat with him, or secretly bring in a few new and interesting gimmicks.

How could the young man have seen such things before? In just a few meetings, he had hung Dr Lu’s name on his lips, becoming his number one fanboy.

However, from the looks of this diary that spanned across a year, it would appear that the young boy had long since been more than just a small fan – he’d practically reached the point of going mad from obsession.

For example this page:

Year 20XX Month XX Day XX

Why did Ah Juan always sneak peeks at Dr Lu.

Dr Lu is mine! No one is allowed to stare at him!

Ah Juan is so annoying, so irritating, I really want to grab her eyes…

Xie Jianwei felt inexplicably worried for this Ah Juan person. It’d be pretty good if she were able to be fired – if she stayed any longer, who knew what this crazy teenager might do.

Xie Jianwei finished reading the ‘script’, breathing out a long sigh.

The last dream had been of the ‘all lust and no emotion’ [1] Scum Shou President Xie. This dream was of a yandere young master who loved so much that it became a problem.

The contrast was quite big, he needed some time to adjust to the switch.

Actually, Xie Jianwei somewhat didn’t understand this setting.

What did Lu Li want in this dream? His settings were already on loving him to the point of developing a mental illness, was it even possible to achieve a higher level of love?

But he was like this already, how could he love him even more?

Even if Xie Jianwei had an IQ of 280, he was still somewhat unable to comprehend the brain circuitry of mentally ill patients.

En, the mentally ill patient he was talking about was the Yandere young master, not his family’s Lu Little Li.

Alright, the explanation kinda makes it more conspicuous. 😀

It was alright even if he was temporarily unable to touch upon the main thread. Lu Li was coming tomorrow anyway, and at that time, he’d counter the moves as they came. There’d always be a way.

Xie Jianwei packed up the diary, getting out of bed and putting on some clothes.

He stood in front of the mirror, looking at the image of himself within, actually somewhat stunned.

This was his sixteen-year-old self.

Xie Jianwei laughed, counting it as a greeting to ‘him’.

The ‘him’ of then, couldn’t be considered as being alive.

Of course, that was so long ago already – when thinking about those things again, his emotions were very calm.

After all, his life had only truly started when he met Lu Li.

Lu Li was a bona fide orphan, a poor rascal who ate apples all day. It was a wonder that he’d managed to conjure up the lifestyle of a young master from a big household.

A resplendent house, servants with their heads forever lowered and facial expressions even less than that of AI, a big living room so quiet that even the sound of a needlepoint hitting the ground could be heard loud and clear, as well as a dazzling crystal light like the sun, that one could look at, and yet only look at, when they raised their head.

No matter how bright the crystal light was, it still couldn’t illuminate the deadened atmosphere of the house.

Xie Jianwei’s body truly wasn’t very well. He’d only walked a circular staircase, and it was even heading downstairs at that, and he was already slightly gasping, sweat appearing on his forehead.

Setting him to be so weak, Xie Jianwei pondered, did Lu Big Li still want to do those ‘happy exercises’ with him or not?

Dinner had been set up on the long dining table downstairs.

The food was considerably lavish for one person.

Seven dishes and a soup, each one exquisite and expensive – if it were an ordinary person, their saliva would probably flow at the sight, and they’d happily take up their knife and fork to chow down.

Xie Jianwei however, lightly frowned.

This was non-physical abuse.

Even the details were so on point – he really couldn’t fathom where Lu Li had gotten the experience from.

The master of the house was out flying around all year, and the little master was physically weak. His temper probably hadn’t been small in the past either, so not only didn’t these servants take him seriously, they disliked him quite a bit too.

To an outsider, it really was impossible to pick out anything wrong with this table of dishes.

But for Xie Jianwei, out of all these greasy dishes, there was not a single one that he was able to eat.

His body was too weak, his digestive system extremely poor; if he felt too hungry and ate a couple of pieces of meat now, he could only wait to toss and turn from stomach pain when midnight came.

But if he didn’t eat he’d be hungry. If he lost his temper and said that the food wasn’t to his taste, the servants would immediately remake it for him, but the remade food would also be this sort of stuff.

If Xie Jianwei said that he wanted to eat plainer foods –

They’d also have words to use against him: “Young master, the master and the missus have exhorted before. You need to eat nutritious foods – only in this way would your body gradually get better.”

Better his ass.

Xie Jianwei had ways to deal with these people of course, but he didn’t do anything.

After all, it was set so that he was a pitiful boy who was bullied very badly, extremely deprived of affection despite living in a house of gold and silver.

He needed to wait for his Marshal in Shining Armour… Wait, no, it was Doctor in Shining Armour to rescue him. [2]

Having starved for an entire night, Xie Jianwei looked at breakfast, knowing that he still needed to continue enduring the hunger.

This bunch of wretched creatures, they’d even made the bowl of beef noodles spicy; were they trying to make him crave it to death?

With his physique, if he ate the bowl of noodles, he could give up on going anywhere today – the toilet would be his second bedroom.

But poor Military Strategist Xie was the type who wouldn’t be happy unless there was chilli – gazing at that red chilli oil, his heartstrings ached.

He was hungry and he was craving – it was a good thing that Xie Jianwei’s willpower was so strong; he endured it!

According to the yandere young man’s diary, Doctor Lu would probably come over at around 10am.

And every time he did, Xie Jianwei would sit by the window, waiting for him; from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning, all the way until his silhouette appeared at the garden gates.

Sometimes it was for three hours, and sometimes it was four hours. Sometimes, at the thought of seeing Lu Li soon, Xie Jianwei would be so happy that he couldn’t fall asleep, getting up at five, and then starting his wait, sitting there.

There was only one reason for it. He was afraid, in case Lu Li came a little earlier, that he would accidentally miss him.

That’s right. The young master was just this ‘sick’.

Xie Jianwei looked at the time. If he were to go and sit there now, he’d have to sit for at least three hours.

Even just at the thought, he felt his waist sour and his back ache, especially since he was still so hungry that his chest was basically against his back.

But it wouldn’t do if he didn’t go sit, because this habit of his was something that everyone was aware of. Lu Li also knew of it, and had persuaded him about it countless times. Xie Jianwei, as a stubborn little young master, definitely wouldn’t have listened to him, sitting there and waiting every single time.

But Xie Jianwei looked at the time and felt that there was no need for him to go and become a ‘husband-gazing rock’ just yet. Lu Li would take at least until 10 o’clock to come around anyways.

What a pity that just as Xie Jianwei picked up the book and holed himself up on the bed, prepared to read leisurely for a little while, footsteps sounded from outside.

Who was here?

He closed the book, and didn’t even have the time to get off the bed before the bedroom door opened.

Lu Li walked in with large strides, lightly smiling upon seeing that he was still sleeping on the bed: “I heard from Xiao Shan that you didn’t eat breakfast again?”

Xie Jianwei’s heart dropped a little. Why’d the guy appear when you spoke of him? Wasn’t the agreed time 10am? Having come at such a time, his action of not waiting for him by the window wasn’t too in line with the mental illness setting was it?

Fortunately, Xie Jianwei reacted extremely fast. His gaze filled with surprise as he got up on bed. Due to being too hurried, the book was dropped to the ground by him, a photo of Lu Li’s interview coincidentally on the cover.

Naturally, Lu Li also saw the book.

Xie Jianwei, it seemed, very much treasured it. Hearing the sound of it landing, his entire person panicked, bending down to pick it up; upon noticing after picking it up that a corner of the cover had been bent, his heart ached so much that the rims of his eyes turned slightly red.

• • •

The author has something to say: You compose and I act, what a happy and harmonious relationship.

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[1] 走肾不走心: literally ‘walking the kidney and not walking the heart’. This one’s appeared before – walks the path of lust and not that of emotion, of love.

[2] Knight in shining armour: the raws actually say ‘white horse marshal’, which is what Prince Charming is called in Chinese, so the translation would actually be ‘Marshal Charming’ and ‘Doctor Charming’, but those don’t really sound like they make sense.

~ tried to use google translate to help me with this chapter this time. I’ve now realised that editing the MTLed version takes about the same amount of effort as just translating it directly. It’s kinda more confusing actually. I never knew that Xie Jianwei’s name could be translated to ‘thank see micro’.

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