TMWGD Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Cardiovascular Ultrasound

• • •

Xie Jianwei pondered, thinking that the path he took should be pretty reasonable right?

It wasn’t that I wasn’t waiting for you by the window, but that I was too entranced with looking at you; and it wasn’t even the actual you at that, merely a photo of your interview on the cover of a magazine.

Xie Jianwei felt that he was a pretty talented Yandere. Must be because he had waited on Lu • Yandere • Big Li for a while.

The sight of the little young master, staring at the folded corner of a magazine and dropping golden tears, truly made one feel pity.

Lu Li’s eyes flashed. He asked in a warm voice: “Do you like this magazine?”

This was a medical magazine; people who weren’t from that line of work basically wouldn’t look at it, and yet Xie Jianwei nodded fervently.

Lu Li walked towards him, his voice growing pleasantly warm: “I’ll get someone to bring you a set later.”

Xie Jianwei raised his head, hurriedly saying: “I only want this one.” Because only this one had Lu Li’s picture on it.

Lu Li paused, tacitly saying: “Okay.”

Xie Jianwei lit up with smiles.

He was a half-grown adolescent after all; whether he was happy or unhappy, it was all openly hung on his face like so.

Lu Li’s gaze fell on the dewy red petals of his curved lips, smiling along with him.

“Just as well that you haven’t eaten, we’re doing a blood test today.”

Xie Jianwei remembered that in the diary, it wrote that he feared drawing blood the most, so he immediately made his face paler.

Heavens knew how the blade-goes-in-white-but-comes-out-red-without-a-change-in-expression Military Strategist Xie managed to make himself ‘haemophobic’. It was all skill anyways, cold hard skill!

Lu Li comforted him: “Don’t be scared, it’ll only take a minute.”

As his words fell, a nurse with delicate features walked in, pushing the apparatus with her.

Xie Jianwei was obviously somewhat rejecting of her presence, leaning a little towards Lu Li’s side.

Lu Li took advantage of the opportunity and hugged him, his voice low by his ear: “Don’t look if you’re scared.

Xie Jianwei had been entirely buried in his embrace, his heart rapidly thudding.

This, on the other hand, wasn’t faked; it really was thudding. His family’s old Lu was indeed a little mental, but he was undeniably handsome, especially when he was purposefully putting on a gentle act – truly so handsome that it made one’s heart palpitate.

Lu Li lightly patted his back like he was comforting a child. The action was actually without a single place that was over the line, very well-behaved, not a thread of sensual charm.

Xie Jianwei thought in his heart: pretend, continue to pretend why don’t you.

And then he seamlessly breathed out a sigh on Lu Li’s chest, separated by the thin shirt.  Unsurprisingly, Gentleman Lu’s body stiffened.

Xie Jianwei thought was funny, and wanted to tease him some more, but the result was that Lu Li actually let go of him: “See, if you don’t look, it’s not as scary is it?”

It was only then that Xie Jianwei realised; the blood-drawing had actually finished…

He looked at the needle hole on his arm, boastfully saying: “As long as Doctor Lu is here, I’m not scared of anything.”

Doctor Lu touched his soft hair: “Little Wei is really amazing.”

Xie Jianwei’s heart trembled, tickled by his low voice.

A serious Lord Supreme Commander was especially bewitching – this, Military Strategist Xie could attest to.

There were some follow up check-ups after the blood-drawing, but Lu Li didn’t continue. He turned and said: “Let’s first go eat okay?”

Xie Jianwei thought about the spicy beef noodles, frowning as he said: “I don’t want to eat.”

“Be good,” Lu Li smiled, saying: “How would you grow up if you don’t eat?”

This was also a point of concern for Xie Jianwei – he wanted to grow up; wanted to be independent; wanted, after he had come of age, to leave this god damned place.

And so, at Lu Li’s words, Xie Jianwei wasn’t so insistent anymore. Moreover, Fellow Student Old Xie had already starved to the point where black spots had started appearing in his vision, his chest almost touching his back. It was enough to appropriately refuse a little, it wasn’t like he could really continue to starve, right?

With Lu Li’s presence, breakfast looked completely different.

This group of servants were very adept at picking the right moment to act. They bullied the little master in the dark, but as long as outsiders were present, they followed the rules to a T, making one unable to pick out even half a mistake. Even if Xie Jianwei made a fuss, it would only highlight their suffering and the young master’s unreasonable tantrums.

Even after all these years, only one person, Ah Juan, had been driven away.

And even then, the reason had been that she had formed stray thoughts about Lu Li, and had tried to seduce him. The result was that not only didn’t Lu Li buy into it, he instead felt that this sort of servant would be a bad influence on the little young master, and so, fired her.

And it was right because of these things, too, that Xie Jianwei had become even more

It was right because of these things, that Xie Jianwei had become even more committed to Lu Li.  

Because as long as Doctor Lu came, his lifestyle would look completely different.

Even though he couldn’t tell where exactly it had changed, but the food would be nicer, the people he disliked wouldn’t be there anymore, and his body would feel a lot more comfortable.

This was all thanks to the efforts of Doctor Lul; it was all stuff that Doctor Lu had given him.

So he liked Doctor Lu, liked Doctor Lu the most.

Placed on the dining table was light but richly nutritious fragrant congee, a steamer tray of glittering and translucent crystal prawn dumplings, and even looking at it would make one’s appetite grow. There was also a plate of fresh bamboo appetiser, arranged especially nicely, the cooking method used was also terrifically ingenious, and the flavour was even more so so good that it made the tips of one’s tongue slightly tremble.

Xie Jianwei was so hungry he could drink three bowls of congee, but with the state of this body in mind, he restrained himself and drank only one bowl.

Lu Li scooped congee for him: “Eat some more.”

Xie Jianwei immediately raised his lips into a smile: “Okay.”

When the beautiful young man smiled, it was like the rosy clouds of dawn sprawled across the sky, so pretty it made one’s heart thump.

Lu Li’s fingers slightly moved, lightly said: “When your body’s stabilised, I’ll take you…”

He hadn’t finished speaking before he then abruptly paused.

Xie Jianwei’s eyes lit up: “Doctor Lu, what did you say?”

Lu Li seemed to come back to his senses, he shook his head, saying: “Nothing important.”

Xie Jianwei was unwilling to drop it, saying: “I heard you say that when my body’s…”

Lu Li laughed, interrupting him saying: “When your body’s stabilised, I’ll tell your parents, and get them to take you…”

“No!” Xie Jiawnei tightly furrowed his brows, “I don’t want to see them!”

Lu Li sunk into silence for a moment, following which he diverged from the topic, saying: “Here, drink some more congee.”

Xie Jianwei looked at the congee inside the bowl, a torn look all over his exquisite face.

The congee that Doctor Lu served to him, he wanted to eat; but at the thought of his parents. he lost his appetite, and so didn’t want to eat.

What to do?

Lu Li called him: “Xiao Wei?”

As soon as he spoke, Xie Jianwei’s heart was filled with only Doctor Lu, and naturally ate every last drop.

After eating breakfast came routine checkups. When Lu Li was giving Xie Jianwei auscultation, Xie Jianwei shrunk his body

Lu Li said: “Cold?”.

Xie Jianwei immediately puffed out his chest, saying: “Not cold!”

The young man’s body was slender, the contour of his body beautiful. The thin, soft white shirt that he was wearing, practically couldn’t cover up the rosy colours on his chest. Just now, when he stuck out his chest, it made them even more so thoroughly exposed, as if fruits waiting to be plucked, spiritedly standing up, the sight making one’s throat parched as if scorched.

Lu Li’s eyes darkened, his adam’s apple undetectably moved up and down.

Of course Xie Jianwei was doing it on purpose. He wanted to see how long his Doctor Lu could fake decency for.

And yet Doctor Lu was very professional in his conduct. His hand was extremely steady, holding the stethoscope, and not even half an inappropriate move was made.

But Xie Jianwei himself moved just enough to make the stethoscope brush past that place.

Xie Jiawnei gave a light huff, and Lu Li’s hand violently paused.

The whole atmosphere became somewhat heated, and Xie Jianwei subconsciously licked his lower lip, his voice extremely soft: “Doctor Lu?”

Lu Li abruptly came back to his senses; he quickly retracted the stethoscope.

Xie Jianwei asked: “Is the check finished?”

Lu Li: “En.”

Xie Jianwei asked: “Were there any problems?”

Lu Li didn’t make a sound.

Xie Jianwei held back laughter as he called out to him again: “Doctor Lu?”

Lu Li snapped back to attention, though his voice was as steady as could be: “In a minute we’ll do a cardiovascular ultrasound.”

Xie Jianwei blinked, asking: “Does my heart have…”

Lu Li comforted him, saying: ‘Don’t be nervous, it’s only a routine checkup.”

Xie Jianwei, as a Galaxial era human being, didn’t even know what the hell a cardiovascular ultrasound was. After all, this sort of machine was truly ancient, ancient enough it had become fossilised,

It really had been hard on Lu Li, to be able to come up with this sort of stuff.

Originally, there would be a nurse to do this sort of checkup, but at the behest of supernatural powers, Lu li didn’t let anybody come in, he pushed the apparatus in, motioning for Xie Jianwei to lie on the bed.

Xie Jianwei as obedient as could be; his the pair of pretty eyes never left him.

Lu Li seamlessly lifted his thin shirt, and as he wished, saw what he wanted to see.

It was only then that Xie Jianwei realised that this check up was a little unconventional.

Lu Li also only took a glance before moving his line of sight away. He took out a small bottle, squeezed out some translucent liquid: “The coupling agent is a little cold, don’t move.”

Xie Jianwei replied, saying; “I’m not scared.”

Lu Li rewarded him with a smile, and then directly squeezed the coupling agent onto his hand, rubbing it on the front of Xie Jianwei’s chest.

All ultrasounds needed to employ this stuff, in order for the sensor and the body’s contact to be closer, making the image clearer and more discernable.

But ordinarily, the doctor would use the sensor to rub on the coupling agent, directly rubbing it onto the patient’s body, but Lu Li used his own fingers instead.

The icy cold liquid suddenly fell on his chest, and Xie Jianwei’s entire body trembled a little.

And immediately after, Lu Li’s fingers lightly rubbed on his chest, kinda sticky, kinda cold, but also kinda hot. How could Xie Jianwei, as a person with experience, endure it – he didn’t even need to act to let his fantasies run wild.

In comparison, Lu Li was much more professional. He was seriously rubbing the coupling agent, his gaze focused but open.

It was just that, Doctor, if you really didn’t have any other thoughts, then don’t touch recklessly, okay!

Xie Jianwei was teased by him until he was unbearably hot, and yet this bastard actually took his hand away, focusing on the checkup.

A single heart ultrasound took a whole twenty minutes.

After it had finished, Xie JIanwei already had a reaction.

Lu Li on the other hand actually wiped his hands, getting up and preparing to leave.

How could Xie Jianwei let him go: “Doctor Lu.” He pulled on his sleeve.

Lu Li turned his head to look at him: “The checkup’s finished, there’s no big problem, in this period of time you…”

Xie Jianwei’s face was crimson, his voice lightly trembling: “Doctor Lu…”

Lu Li’s thin lips pursed, asking: “What is it?”

Xie Jianwei thought: Let’s see how long you can keep the act up for.

His finger quiveringly pointed downwards, making an attempt at touching himself: “I, I…”

The sight made Lu Li feel as if he was being roasted by fire; he didn’t dare move, but he was also so hot it almost took his life.

Xie Jianwei, somewhat pitifully, yet also ignorantly, said: “It feels really uncomfortable here.”

He already wasn’t wearing much, and the thin-as-silk shirt bore completely even the bumps on his chest, not to mention the state of his lower body.  

Lu Li’s eyes were a field of inky blackness. He slowed his voice, saying: “It’s no big deal, this is a normal reaction.”

“Doctor Lu,” traces of water lined Xie Jianwei’s eyelashes: “What should I do?”

• • •

The author has something to say: Military Strategist XIe: I’ll tease you to death.

(the rest of the A/N is basically her thanking her readers individually)

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    After it had finished, Xie JIanwei Jianwei already had a reaction.


    The author has something to say: Military Strategist XIe Xie: I’ll tease you to death.


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