TMWGD Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Something that is mine, even if it became rubbish, still, it can only be mine.

• • •

What to do?

Lu Li’s thin lips moved slightly. The logic in his head was like a kite on a broken string. The more it flew, the further it went.

Xie Jianwei knew him too well; he knew that Lu Big Li must have long since been raring to go.

He just didn’t get what this bastard was still being so restrained for? Hurry up and enjoy ah?

“I’ll help you.” Lu Li finally opened up.

Xie Jianwei’s heart trembled. The parts that were hard got harder, and the parts that were soft went softer.

Lu Li’s hands were very hot; when it covered him, it made his whole body shudder.

The youth’s body was very sensitive, as well as fragile. He had just fiddled a few times, and Xie Jianwei shot.

After, Xie Jianwei was somewhat absent-minded. Originally, he thought that Lu Li would continue, but the result was, the guy actually stood up, walking towards the shower.

Xie Jianwei dazedly spoke: “Doctor Lu?”

Lu Li’s voice was a little far away: “You rest up for the moment.”

Xie Jianwei heard the sound of running water from inside the bathroom. He entirely just: “…”

He’d rather take a cold shower than fuck him? What the hell, was this till the big yin (lust) demon that he knew? [1]

(T/N: ‘yin’ was romanised in the raws)

Doctor Lu was such a good doctor. After helping the patient solve his problem with such enthusiasm, he himself didn’t take even half a step over the line.

How could Xie JIanwei be willing to let him go so easily? When he came out, he asked in a small voice: “Doctor Lu, what happened just then…” His face reddened as he spoke, unease on his delicate features, as well as unconcealable anticipation.

Lu Li said: “Wait until next time, I’ll prepare a bit of information for you in this area, you can understand it a bit.”

Xie Jianwei: “…” Fuck understanding!

But very quickly, his thoughts turned, and, having an idea, Xie Jianwei asked in a small voice: “Can Doctor Lu give his private number to me?”

Lu Li said: ‘If you have any problems, Steward Sun will immediately contact me.”

“I want your number.” Xie Jianwei stubbornly said. “If there’s anywhere that’s uncomfortable, I can contact you myself. After all…” He stuttered. “There are some things that I don’t want to let other people know of.”

If it was something like what happened just then, making hard places turn soft, it indeed wasn’t suitable to be relayed by another person.

According to the agreement, Lu Li wasn’t allowed to privately contact Xie Jianwei. Such were the rules of big households, mostly to prevent them from having bad intentions towards the young adolescent.

Of course, these ‘bad intentions’ were mostly speaking of the monetary sort.

But obviously, money wasn’t the problem for Lu Li – the actual big issue was morals.

Seeing that he wasn’t speaking, Xie Jianwei’s pretty eyes darkened: “Can’t it be done?”

Lu Li’s heart leapt from the teasing of his small voice, light and airy. After lowering his gaze slightly, he spoke a chain of numbers.

Xie Jianwei didn’t forget things after hearing them, instantly carving it into his heart.

Lu Li said: “if there’s a problem send me a text.”

Xie Jianwei seemed to be overly happy, actually moving forward and hugging him. His head buried into his chest, his voice soft as he said: “This is great, truly too great.”

Lu Li didn’t say a word. He could see the youth’s porcelain nape when he lowered his head. It seemed as if one could sight the beautiful lines of his back through his collar, as well as the dip in the body of his waist.

So pretty it made one’s head spin.

Xie Jianwei rubbed against his body, saying again: “Doctor Lu, you’re really great, you’re the best person I’ve ever met.”

Lu Li’s eyes flashed, asking lightly: “Is that so?”

Xie Jianwei raised his head to look at him, his eyes clean and pure: “It is!”

Lu Li only took a single glance before speedily removing his gaze, because, if he looked for a second longer, he would kiss him.

And right now, he couldn’t.

Despite having gotten the method of contact, when Lu Li went, Xie Jianwei was still reluctant to see him go.

He pulled on Lu Li’s sleeve the whole time. When he walked one step, he would follow with three steps. He saw him off from all the way at the bedroom upstairs, to the front door downstairs, even wanting to follow him outside the gates.

Lu Li comforted him: “I’ll come to see you again next week.”

Xie Jianwei’s eyes were filled with disappointment: “That’s still so much time. Doctor Lu, I’ll miss you a lot…”

Lu Li laughed: “What sort of person misses their doctor? My arrival signifies that your body’s unwell. Don’t you want to recover your health faster?”

His words were said casually, and yet Xie Jianwei heard a deeper meaning behind them.

This seemed to be a hint?

If his body got better, then Lu Li wouldn’t have a reason to come. So, as expected, he still had to make his body a little bit more terrible.

The innate condition of his body was already extremely bad anyways. Wanting to make it even worse than bad was entirely as easy as lifting a finger.

As long as he ate a greasy meal for dinner, then he could make it so that he would be unable to get off the bed on the second day.

Xie Jianwei hardened his heart, deciding to fully sate the desires of his stomach.

As a result, on the second day, he indeed couldn’t get out of bed. The strange thing was though, that his stomach didn’t hurt during the night, and he didn’t need to make bathroom runs either. Come morning however, the state of his body took on the pitiful appearance of having had diarrhoea for the whole night, unable to sleep for the time, both dehydrated and tired.

Xie Jianwei understood in his heart. This was probably a setting that Lu Li, worriedthat he would feel uncomfortable, forcibly added. However, speaking from the bottom of his heart, this was truly too illogical.

Who cares. Either way, he was sick, so goal achieved!

He witheringly lay on the bed, and even without needing to contact Lu Li himself, the steward had already sent for someone to ask Doctor Lu to come over.

They had cooked those dishes on purpose. But usually, in fear of getting a stomach-ache, Xie Jianwei would only eat the bits of broccoli or carrot used as garnishing. and wouldn’t touch a single bit of the rest. And after taking it to the back, it would be their extra meal.

But last night Xie Jianwei had flipped his attitude completely around, actually eating a whole piece of Kobe steak, as well as a bowl of eel rice and a piece of pineapple and foie gras bread…

He ate out of every one of their extra meal dishes!

As a result, on the second day, he was paralysed on the bed. This really was making a lot of trouble for them!

Steward Sun’s heart didn’t feel happy. As he walked out of Xie Jianwei’s bedroom, he glanced at a flower vase that he prized very much, and, with a turn of his thoughts, he purposefully pushed it off from there.

With a ‘pacha’ sound, the thin and fragile vase, despite having dropped onto carpeting, broke into glass fragments.

Xie Jianwei was currently lying weakly in bed. Upon hearing the sound he turned his head to look.

He only took a single glance, and his expression froze.

These impudent things, truly, had gone too far with the bullying.

On the surface, Steward Sun was very flustered. In reality, however, he was wholly without fear, because he had something to rely on: “This old servant’s eyesight is bad, to actually knock and shatter the vase in a moment of carelessness, don’t fret young master, this old servant will   arrange for people to replace it with a new one…:”

Xie Jianwei supported himself, sitting up on the bed, his eyes as cold as frost: “I only want this one.”

Steward Sun gave a cold laugh in his heart, though he still had a very deferential look on his face: “Don’t put this old servant in a difficult position young master. This broken vase, what would you still want it for?”

“Piece it together.” Xie Jiawnei stared at him.

Steward Sun’s back felt inexplicably cold, from his stare, but he had long since become used to bullying this small young master, and so didn’t give it much thought: “…this old servant did indeed make a mistake, but it’s only a flower vase. Presumably, the master and madam won’t be too fussed.”

That this bunch of servants were able to flagrantly abuse the little master all this time, the biggest reason was on Xie Jianwei’s parents.

The two people weren’t home for most of the year, and they weren’t too keen on this sickly and weak child either. Usually, they wouldn’t see him, listening only to the reports on his situation from the servants – what they said was what it was. In order to be able to see his parents just once, the young aged little youth couldn’t help but want to play the sycophant to these of servants. So how would he dare to confront them?

With his attitude like so, it further encouraged the servants’ conceit. And this group of servants had another goal behind their planning out of various methods to torment Xie Jianwei too.

As long as Xie Jianwei’s body was unwell, making him unable to step out of the manor, they wouldn’t lose their jobs.

Even if Father Xie and mother Xie disliked their weak and sickly child even more, but as long as he was here, they would provide for him, at the same time keeping these servants to ‘tend’ to him.

Xie Jianwei wasn’t planning on bothering with them originally, but this had truly disgusted him. And it also touched on a few things that he didn’t want to recall.

During the time of the Federation, Xie family’s third young master had been forever enshrouded in a halo, fully deserving of the title ‘winner at life’. No matter who it was, they would only feel admiration sprout in their hearts at the mention of him.

But Xie Jianwei had a past that was unknown to the world. This past, even Lu Li didn’t know of.

Xie Jianwei didn’t talk about it, and Lu Li also wouldn’t ask.

Because everyone thought that Third young master Xie’s past was dazzlingly radiant, happy and beautifully fulfilled.

After all, his family background, his talents, and his astonishing intelligence, had enjoyed fame across the galaxy.

This dream was just a coincidence, this Xie Jianwei knew very well. But this was so coincidental that it pierced his heart.

This wasn’t to be blamed on Lu Li. Actually, this was a constant pattern; just like how one plus one equalled two, the things that he had suffered through, many people in the same situation would have also suffered through before.

As long as the causes were similar, the paths that it took would have an astounding consistency.

A thing like logic truly did exist.

Naturally, Stewart Sun wouldn’t acquiesce to the young master’s ‘ridiculous requests’. Telling him to piece a flower vase? Dream on.

Steward Sun turned around, wanting to go, but Xie Jianwei instead got off the bed, walking a few steps until he was before the flower case, reaching out a hand and grasping that sharp fragment.

His skin was extremely thin and soft, and the thin material of the flower vase made it sharper than a knife.

Upon Xie Jianwei clenching it hard like so, fresh blood immediately trickled and flowed down.

Steward Sun stared wide-eyed and speechless: “Young master, you….you…” He mustn’t have wounds on the outside, he absolutely must not have wounds on the outside ah!

They could bully Xie Jianwei, could neglect him, could snub him in all sorts of ways, but they absolutely couldn’t let him have a single surface wound.

Xie Jianwei originally had a weak physique anyways. His body being unwell was normal, no one would suspect that it was due to their bad treatment. But skin wounds were different, if this was revealed, it would definitely be on their dereliction of duty, and it couldn’t be explained away no matter what!

Naturally, Xie Jianwei knew what he was so scared of. His expression didn’t change as he slowly said: ‘Since you’re not going to piece it, then I’ll do it myself.”

Steward Sun’s heart dropped, hurriedly saying: “Don’t be angry young master, I’ll go prepare for you a better one right now.”

Xie Jianwei’s eyes were cold and overcast: “I only want this one.”

Steward Sun truly was somewhat scared now, he anxiously said: “It’s only a flower vase, young master, you…”

“It’s mine.” Xie Jianwei said. “Something that is mine, even if it became rubbish, still, it can only be mine.”

Just at this moment, Doctor Lu appeared by the door.

• • •

The author has something to say: Lu Li: You might not believe what i’m gonna say but, having married my wife for so many years, this is actually my first time playing the hero that saves the beauty.

Author: And yet even this is a dream.

Lu Li: …

• • •

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Steward Sun’s name is pronounced Swn. Not a typo. S-w-n. But like you’re singing a single, flat, note, ‘cause the inflexion.

IF ANY OF THE CHAPTER LINKS aren’t working please tell me I’ll fix ’em.

Uni’s starting again, so we’re back to super irregular 10-ish days releases. :/ Taking a maths subject this semester which will, indubitably, make me ‘powdered-body-shattered-bones’…

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