TMWGD Chapter 24.1

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Chapter 24


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Yo. This is a not-quite-smut-but-still-ahem-also-kinda-dubcon chapter. Please pretend the sexy parts sound a lot more elegant. I swear tfg it (at least marginally) sounds better in the raws.


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Xie Jianwei called out Lu Yan’s name, so he knew that it was Lu Yan. So they’d already known each other before?

Lu Li’s heart felt cold.

He was originally going to walk out from the corner, but at that moment, he paused in his steps, hiding at the foot of the wall.

Lu Li couldn’t see Lu Yan and Xie Jianwei, but could hear them talk.

Xie Jianwei said: “I’m not in the mood to eat right now.”

Lu Yan said: “Who’s made you unhappy now?”

Xie Jianwei glared at him: “It’s you!”

“Then I’ll apologise…” Lu Yan seemed to scoop up a spoon of pudding, holding it up to Xie Jianwei’s mouth: “Take a bite, it’s sweet, and you’ll stop being mad at me.”

Xie Jianwei made a “wuu” sound. He’d probably eaten it.

The two didn’t say much, but to Lu Li, each word stabbed into his heart.

Xie Jianwei not only knew Lu Yan, but was very familiar with him.

He knew very well just what sort of personality Lu Yan had. The guy’s words were sweet, he knew how to coax people, and was much more interesting than himself.

He didn’t know when Xie Jianwei had met Lu Yan, and he didn’t know how the two had got to be familiar, but right now the result, cruel and bloody, was placed in front of him.

A single wall away, right there on the road, were Xie Jianwei and Lu Yan flirting with each other.

Lu Li stood stiffly. His nails were piercing straight into his palm, and yet it couldn’t measure up to even a sliver of the pain that was drilling into his heart.

Xie Jianwei said that he loved him.

Xie Jianwei said that he wanted him.

And yet not even a few days had passed before he was acting so intimate with another man.

And it was a man that he extremely abhorred at that!

Lu Li’s eyes were a bloody red, and his mind had practically become a place of chaos. One was someone he loved, and one was someone he hated. The image of them standing together was like a poison, corroding away at his sense of reason.

On the other end, Lu Yan had caught sight of Lu Li, but Xie Jianwei hadn’t detected him because he had his back turned.

Lu Yan teased Xie Jianwei on purpose. Xie Jianwei thought that Lu Li no. 1 hadn’t arrived yet, so he was pretty happy to play with him.

It was Lu Li either way. It wasn’t like he could be nice to one and ignore the other.

Especially since, in Xie Jianwei’s plan,  Lu Yan would be abused very tragically in the latter stages. At the thought of that pitiful sight, he felt quite sorry, so he wanted to indulge him more in the early stages.

It was precisely these thoughts of his that would ruin things. Pity that presently, the MIlitary Strategist Xie had yet to realise this.

Lu Yan pretended that he didn’t know Lu Li was there, and fed Xie Jianwei another spoonful of pudding.

Xie Jianwei could have eaten it in one go, but Lu Yan skewed it a little on purpose, brushing it onto the edge of his mouth.

Xie Jianwei looked at him, displeased. Lu Yan said: “My bad. Here, let me wipe it for you.”

Xie Jianwei said: “I don’t need you to.”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet when Lu Li pulled him close, and kissed at the corner of his lips.

Xie Jianwei: “…” What’s going on, how come he’s so proactive today?

He fought back appropriately: “Oi!”

But Lu Yan said against his ear: “Let me teach you what a kiss is.”

As these words fell, he kissed him.

Xie Jianwei pushed at him, but Lu Yan directly pressed down on the back of his head, forcing him to take the passionate kiss.

Be it the position or the sensation, everything was so familiar, and Xie Jianwei fell into a complete mess from the kiss. His resistance at first had been faked anyways, and by the end, it turned into straight-up accommodation.

Lu Yan’s hands slowly travelled downwards, and the half-forced position transformed into him holding him by the waist.

Xie Jianwei vaguely realised that something wasn’t quite right, but because the kiss was too nice, in a moment of carelessness, the alarm that hadn’t really existed in the first place disappeared instantly.

The two kissed as if they couldn’t bear to be apart. Anyone who saw them would think it was two people who were mutually in love kissing.

It was as if no one else was around them, even.

Lu Li didn’t hear their voices, so he walked out from behind the wall, only to be met with this!

Lu Yan was a bastard, and he believed that he would force Xie Jianwei.

But the position before his eyes – did it look like it was forced?

If it wasn’t consensual, would Xie Jianwei wrap his arms around Lu Yan’s neck, would he stand on his tip-toes in order to let him kiss with more ease? Would he close his eyes, would his cheeks flush red, would he gift his entire being over to him?!

Lu Li was furious, darkness covering his vision.

Lu Yan saw him, and even tauntingly pulled at his eyes. Next, he said against the tips of Xie Jianwei’s ears: “So sweet. As sweet as the little mouth on your bottom.”

As soon as the sleazy words left his mouth, Lu Li’s sanity completely collapsed: “Lu Yan!”

Xie Jianwei heard the voice, and thought inwardly: Shit, forgot Lu Li number 1!

This was awkward.

Military Strategist Xie had never felt this awkward in his entire life.

How was he going to explain this? Would telling Lu Li that they were the same person do anything?

It was obviously impossible. After all, the two personalities had separated in this dream. Not only was Lu Yan not the same person as Lu Li, but they were also even mortal enemies.

Xie Jianwei thought back to what he did just then. Really, even jumping into the Yellow River wouldn’t wash him clean.  

Even though he wanted to use Lu Yan to rile Lu Li up a bit as well, but he needed to be unwilling during the ‘using’. Only that way could he still have room for manoeuvre!

But he was being hot-headed just then – in fact, he was negligent.

He clearly knew that Lu Li would come, but he still fell for Lu Yan’s trap.

Now…what should he do?

Xie Jianwei thought of innumerable plans, but he felt that in his state, Lu Li wouldn’t listen to him talk at all.

Indeed, Lu Li didn’t give him the opportunity to open his mouth. His expression sank like water, and he tugged Xie Jianwei over.

Xie Jianwei staggered for a moment, almost falling over.

Lu Yan frowned, lowly saying: “What are you doing?” His made a move to help steady Xie Jianwei, but Lu Li raised his hand, pushing him away.

Lu Yan’s eyes narrowed: “Lu Li, what are you getting worked up for?”

Lu Li remained silent.

Lu Yan said: “Hand Little Jianwei over to me!”

When Lu Li registered this intimate address, he clenched his teeth: “Little Jianwei?”

Lu Yan continued to rile him up: “Enough is enough. You’re nothing but a doctor the Xie family hired, did you really think you were his guardian? He and I are mutually in love, do you think can interfere?”

Mutually in love, do you think you can interfere. The joining of these phrases made Lu Li’s blood boil all over.

Xie Jianwei also wanted to whip Lu Li no. 2 to death. If you stirred up any more trouble something big was going to happen, you disobedient kid!

Yet he didn’t have the chance to speak at all, and Lu Yan couldn’t stop Lu Li either. Lu Li pulled Xie Jianwei into the car, and the car sped off at unimaginable speeds almost at the same time as he started the engine.

Xie Jianwei was dizzy from the astounding impetus of the race car, even moreso losing the ability to talk.

Lu Li only took a few minutes to make the journey back, that originally took about ten minutes.

After the car stopped, Xie Jianwei finally found his own voice. He explained: “Lu, Doctor Lu, I…”

Lu Li opened the car door, directly pulling him out of the car.

The action was rough and bestial. Xie Jianwei’s body shook with the movement, and he grew even dizzier.

Lu Li’s brows furrowed. In the end, he still felt a little worried. But right after, he was again infuriated by his unruly feelings.

Xie Jianwei didn’t know how he walked back home. It seemed as if the moment he walked into the room, in the instant that the door closed, Lu Li had pushed him onto the ground, ripping open the white shirt he had just worn today.

Xie Jianwei too felt unable to voice his troubles. He had never thought that the day would come when Lu Li would use force on him…

Lu Li had endured for so long, all because he loved Xie Jianwei. He was worried that he was too young, that his body couldn’t take it, worried that his ming wasn’t mature, that if they did it too early, they’d regret it later.

He treasured him, doted on him, placed him on the tip of his heart.

But what about Xie Jianwei?

He told him that he loved him, told him that he wanted to be together with him, but in the blink of an eye, he went and climbed into another man’s bed!

As soon as Lu Li thought about how Xie Jianwei would entice other people as he enticed him, his heart would feel as if it was being violently stabbed by a knife.

His strand of logic snapped; all that was left was endless, boundless agony.

He had imagined innumerable times his and Xie Jianwei’s first time. He thought that he would give him wonderful foreplay; that he would kiss his whole body; would let him experience incredible sex; would make him realise just how heavenly it was when two people who were in love, combined.

But now…everything was over.

There was no foreplay. He didn’t even take off his clothes, merely undoing his belt, then entered forcefully.

Xie Jianwei had thought that he would die from pain, but…he actually felt so good that even his hair quivered.

What the hell was this!

Lu Li stared down at him: “If I don’t give it to you, will you go find Lu Yan?”

Xie Jianwei uttered a stifled moan, explaining: “No, I haven’t done it with him.”

Lu Li moved hard a few times. After bringing out watery sounds, he condescended: “Is this the manner of someone who’s never done it before?”

Xie Jianwei: “…”

God f***ing dammit!

Why was this body’s first time so good? Lu big Li was still Lu big Li, how could that big guy come in so easily? He even fucked out water?

If he said that it was the first time, there was not a single person who would believe it ah!

But it really was Xie Jianwei’s first time!

He was going to die from false accusations. Even the fluttering snows of June weren’t enough to express Military Strategist Xie’s grief!

Could it be that this body was naturally gifted?

Xie Jianwei, who felt so good it was kinda over the top, suddenly understood. The reason was still Lu Li.

This bastard was convinced that he and Lu Yan had done it, and had done it who-knows-how-many times at that, so the dreamscape’s automatic setting was that he had done it, even if he hadn’t at all!

Thinking back to the last world’s debauched scum president, Xie Jianwei felt helpless too.

What could be done? Whose fault was it that this was somebody else’s dream? If you have the skills then you should have a dream too; you’d even be able to dream Lu Big Li into Lu Little Li!

Xie Jianwei had this and that done to him by an enraged Big Li all night.

On the second day, he slept on the bed and didn’t want to move. A beast ah, inhuman ah, wasn’t it agreed on already that he loved him to hell and back?

In a sense, it really was to hell and back.

Lu Li had disappeared since early morning. Xie Jianwei climbed out of bed to check. Breakfast was still there, but there was no note of love. The doors and windows of the house had all been locked, and the keys were all gone.

Xie Jianwei: “…” Was he going to get the small dark room treatment again?

He didn’t mind, but the problem was…could the small dark room solve the problem? Military Strategist Xie felt that he was thinking too wishfully.

He dined on a delicious breakfast. His legs were still shaking, his voice had been lost beyond reason, even drinking a huge glass of water didn’t soothe his throat.

Just as he was thinking of what to do next, he suddenly felt a bout of dizziness. Upon opening his eyes again, Xie Jianwei had already come back to the real world.

Xie Jianwei paused in surprise for a moment.

Yan Ke frantically said: “I’m truly sorry! But the situation is too dire, I couldn’t help but wake the lord up!”

Xie Jianwei looked at him: “What’s going on?”

Yan Ke pressed down on thin air, and a screen appeared, a pile of numbers thicking dotting the top.

Xie Jianwei only took a glance before frowning tightly.

Yan Ke said: “Just what on earth happened in the dream? This personality’s life is at stake!”

Xie Jianwei reported the general gist of things.

Cold sweat poured from Yan Ke’s forehead: “It’s over it’s over, it must be that Lu Li wants to kill Lu Yan!”

Xie Jianwei asked anxiously: “Can true killing happen in the dreamscape?”

Yan Ke said: “Of course! The dreamscape is a key factor to psychological treatment. In cases like the Lord Supreme Commander’s, the situation was already a competition between the personalities. Lu Yan’s personality was in great danger when he dared to break into Lu Li’s dream, but he borrowed the identity of a brother, so he was fine for a while. But now, in his rage, Lu Li has formed the desire to kill – he wants to kill Lu Yan no matter the price he has to pay!”

Something sounded in Xie Jianwei’s mind.

Yan Ke said: “Lu Yan can’t die. If he dies then everything would have been for nought!”

They’d only started the treatment programme for the sake of making the Lord Supreme Commander’s personalities stabilise and fuse thereafter. If they just let them kill each other, it’d miss the point entirely!

Compared to the splitting of personalities, the loss of a personality was even more critical!

After all, despite being separated, they still existed – as long as they combined then everything was fine. But if a personality was missing, then the consequences were unimaginable!

Perhaps Lu Li would really die.

Xie Jianwei took a deep breath: “I’ll go back right away.”

Yan Ke implored him: “My Lord, you must be careful ah!”

Xie Jianwei replied: “Rest assured. I understand.”

He’d still thought of the dreamscape as a script, but actually, it was real. To Lu Li, it was real enough to end his life.

Returning to the dreamscape, Xie Jianwei exercised his sore and weakened limbs.

Although Lu Li was very angry, even if he was completely infuriated, he still cared for him. So even though last night it became like that, he still didn’t feel too tired today.

If it had been someone else, being treated like this for their first time, it was even possible that they’d die in bed.

Xie Jianwei changed his clothes, and looked about him.

While the house did have sufficient security measures, and while all surveillance systems were up, it was also very easy to make them go on strike.

For example, Lu Yan had tampered with the images of the monitors before when he entered the residence, so Lu Li didn’t discover him.

The surveillance didn’t matter either way. What mattered was how he would walk out of the building.

The doors and windows were all locked; all the places that he could go out from were sealed shut.

Xie Jianwei felt slightly troubled. If the locks on the doors were high tech, then it’d be simple; he could easily make them stop working en masse.

What a pity that this was ancient earth. The bona fide copper locks made one feel tired just from looking at them.

But even so, this wasn’t difficult enough to defeat Xie Jianwei. The doors and windows were locked, but there were still other places.

Yes, the opening was a bit small, but climbing out wasn’t enough to be called difficult.

As for the guards outside, Xie Jianwei didn’t think too much of them.

His body was indeed very weak, but the martial arts he had learnt for years hadn’t been lost. He only needed to execute a few skills that didn’t require brute force, breezily taking care of the big men.

Breaking out of the encirclement around the residence, Xie Jianwei directly connected his phone to the city’s internet, and in the shortest time possible. locked on to Lu Yan’s position.

The most urgent priority was to rescue him. He couldn’t let him die.

Xie Jianwei didn’t actually have a grasp on just how Lu Li would kill Lu Yan.

But in ths dreamscape, as long as Lu Li’s emotions were intense enough, as long as he was obsessive enough over something, then the entire dreamscape would cooperate him. Perhaps, even if Lu Yan was just crossing the road normally, he’d get hit by a car!

Just as he was thinking this, Xie Jianwei had arrived at where Lu Yan was.

And then he really did witness this unbelievable scene.

Lu Yan’s car broke down, and he got off to see what the problem was, which was quite normal. Moreover, Lu Yan had also turned on the blinkers, his car was parked in a safe place too, and the road wasn’t some super busy area with an unending stream of traffic either.

But even so, the car opposite did not hesitate to go against the direction of traffic, madly rushing over – and it wasn’t just one car at that, it was three or four of them.

It was as if the pile of cars were all blind. They ignored the road rules; ignored the flashing blinkers; ignored how there was a person there; charging over one by one like they were racing.

This was way too careless!

Even if he wanted to create a traffic accident, he should at least have a little bit of logic, and slowly plan it out ah!

Xie Jianwei had no time to denounce it, he reacted extremely quickly, and in the instant that the cars were about to hit, he rushed over, and pushed Lu Yan out of the way.

Lu Yan was directly pushed onto the green verge, but his car and Xie Jianwei were all launched into the sky.

Xie Jianwei also never would have thought that he would once again be hit by a car!

As he flew into the air, he saw Lu Li, with shock-filled eyes.

Was it no. 1 or no. 2?

En, it was the troublemaking no. 1.

Xie Jianwei fell onto the ground with a ‘pata’ sound. All his vital organs had probably shifted places, but it wasn’t particularly painful.

Lu Yan was completely stunned. Lu Li rushed over first, at once pulling him into his embrace.

“Xiao Wei, Xiao, Xiao…” he was stuttering, obviously extremely shaken. He couldn’t even speak a complete sentence.

Xie Jianwei’s body didn’t hurt, his heart did. He looked at him, saying: “I’m sorry.”

The rims of Lu Li’s eyes instantly reddened. His thin lips trembled, and his voice acutely hoarse: “Why…why?”

Xie Jianwei wanted to talk, but a sweet yet bloody taste arose in his throat. He coughed, and large amounts of fresh blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.

Lu Li hurriedly wiped it for him, but the blood was like a flood after the dam had broke. He couldn’t stop it no matter how he tried.

Xie Jianwei grasped his hands, covered in blood, lightly saying: “Stop it.”

Lu Li was stock-still, despair covering his features: “Don’t…I’m begging you, don’t die.”

Xie Jianwei said: “I…”

“Lu Li! You killed him!” Some distance away, Lu Yan shouted himself hoarse, releasing a furious roar.

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I have no idea how anal works is fucking out water even biologically possible

On a side note, I’m using ‘Little’ or ‘Xiao’ (both mean the same thing, friendly reminder that Xiao is used as a form of endearment when added to the front of someone’s given name) depending on whether it’s a pun or not. Like, Lu ‘Little’ Li when it’s referring to his ahem.ahem, or in the case where it’s used as an endearment ‘Xiao Wei’. It sounds less awkward that way I think. Just know that they’re the same thing.  

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  1. Many thanks for the update!

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  2. In regards to fucking out water… It is true that mucus lines the anal cavity, and apparently, sometimes it comes out after prolonged anal stimulation. But I have also seen other sources that say you should go see your doctor if you have anal discharge. Personally, I don’t think it is normal and you should probably go see a doctor.

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