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Not an Update AND I’M SO SORRY

I'm so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^^ that probably gives you guys a hint as to what I'm about to say Long story short, I cheated on our novel with another novel and now I can no longer keep one foot in each boat so I decided to pick the second one i.e. farewell, my first love (translation)! … Continue reading Not an Update AND I’M SO SORRY

TMWGD Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28 Part I Previous Chapter | Contents | Next Chapter Lu Li’s words stopped Shears, standing opposite of him, from talking for a while. He’d come looking for trouble. The little bloodclan behind Xie Jianwei once again began quietly sucking up to him: “As expected, my Lord’s charm is unparalleled. Mr. Lu is wholly … Continue reading TMWGD Chapter 28.1