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TMWGD Chapter 25

Previous Chapter | Contents | Next Chapter Chapter 25  • • •  Yan Ke: “My knowledge has increased!” The corner of Xie Jianwei’s lips twitched. He massaged his forehead, then continued to read. The very bottom of the page had a big paragraph with a detailed description of blood. Blood was the food of vampires, … Continue reading TMWGD Chapter 25


TMWGD Chapter 24.2

Previous Chapter | Contents | Next Chapter Chapter 24 PART II • • • Lu Li’s back was rigid, his eyes completely out of focus, leaving only condensed regret and complete collapse. Xie Jianwei’s heart ached unbearably, but he could only continue to speak. “Lu Li, I love you.” Lu Li hugged him tightly, his … Continue reading TMWGD Chapter 24.2